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A Magic Pill

I wish there was a magic pill I could take that could make me learn everything I needed to know about photography. This was just one of the many thoughts that ran through my head today as I sat in the doctors office reading Jasmine Star’s photography magazine. I was waiting to be called and, as my hubby suggested, I was reading her magazine Exposure. I’m trying to soak in everything I read and wondering “How I am going to ever be that good?”


As many of you know, Vic was the first to pick up a camera and fall in love with all things photography. I was not so quick to feel the love. But when I did fall in love with it, I fell hard! At first I was just flirting with the idea of helping him take pictures to save money. There was no part of me that thought I could ever get to his level and actually shoot a photo session or a wedding with him. I was just a teacher, and that was all I was going to do, forever and ever… Not so. One of our good friends Jonathan, lent us his camera so I could shoot a maternity session with Vic. I thought I was so cute walking around with my D800 pretending I knew what I was doing (Yes, I’m spoiled and I got to start practicing with a D800 ;) ) As I took pictures though, something started to stir up inside of me. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling that seemed to increase as our session went on. When we got home and looked over the pictures it was clear to me, I was bit by the photography bug and from that day on I wasn’t the same.

The truth is, I am still going through a very long, yet exciting, process of developing myself as a photographer. I am helping Vic but also trying to develop my own voice and style in my photos (The right photography term is images. Don’t judge me, I’m still learning!)

As I read the magazine, I found myself relating to the things Jasmine was expressing in her articles. The frustration, the fear, the worry. What if I never get better and I’m always a mediocre photographer? Why aren’t my pictures coming out like I see in my head? (What you see in your head doesn’t always reflect on camera) All of these are questions I ask myself almost everyday. I look at my pictures and wonder what I could have or should have done differently.

You see my other love, teaching, comes naturally to me. I never had a hard time in school as a child and thankfully everything I wanted to do in life came easy. Except photography. I sometimes struggle with learning and remembering the settings, and posing clients. (For all of you out there that think photography is just pointing a camera and clicking, you are oh so very, very wrong!) There are so many aspects that go into this profession. You have to be aware of your camera settings, the lighting, the clients, the poses and composition, just to name a few things. I am the type of person that I usually focus on one thing very intently and forget about everything else. I’m almost like a horse with blinders.(so you can imagine my predicament) I had no idea it would be so challenging. But having the competitive nature that I have and being stubborn (like my dad), I’m taking this challenge on! I’m staring my camera in the view finder and saying “Bring It!” I’m determined to learn the ins and outs of everything from shutter speed, to posing a client, to marketing!

So here’s to this new journey I embark on! With the amazing support of my wonderful husband and the grace of God, I know we will go forward! I believe so much in this business venture and in us! I know this is what God wants us to do and photography is something that makes us both happy :) I am excited to be sharing this adventure on our blog and hopefully someday someone will read this and relate to everything I’m expressing here. I hope that I can inspire and help others realize that if I, a girl from Miami who’s a hot mess sometimes and doesn’t always get it right, can do it… anyone can!

-Kristy :D

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