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Our BIG Life Change

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First disclaimer… we are NOT pregnant! I know I have to put this as the first sentence because that’s practically the first question we get when we say something exciting is happening or that we have a big announcement! Now that we have that out of the way, I’ll get started on the actual blog post! ;)

It may not be something big to everyone, but as people who love food pretty much more than anything, we’ve made a huge change! We have changed the way we eat and what we put in our bodies, and while we haven’t gone vegan (because let’s face it, we love donuts WAY too much) we have cut out a lot of things that we know are harmful to our bodies.

If you want to put a label on it, we are officially pescatarians. We have decided to stop eating chicken, beef, and pork. We have also cut our dairy intake dramatically. If you open our fridge at home, we’re pretty much vegan, as we have no meat whatsoever and no dairy. We eat fish and seafood when we go out to eat but we limit our dairy intake (it’s almost impossible to have no dairy whatsoever when eating out) both inside the house and out.

We decided to make this change after watching the Netflix documentary “What the Health”. There are a few things in that documentary that are highly exaggerated, but the overall message was true. We are not made to eat meat like chicken, beef, and pork. Our bodies aren’t built to chew it, digest it, or process it, but more than that, the amount of chemicals and hormones that are in these specific animal products are gross. We have chosen to still eat fish because we don’t feel it is as harmful and Jesus ate fish so we will too :)

After making this change a little less than 3 months ago, we have felt so much better! We are less bloated and full when we eat, we have more energy, and we’re just overall happier. While this may not be for everyone, and we know it will be hard (especially with the holidays coming up) we have made this decision and we’re sticking to it. With that being said, we are not going to judge or get mad at anyone who decides to eat meat and will not throw up on your food if you eat meat in front of us haha! The way we see it, we want to be around for a really long time and have energy when we have kids, and if this is one way to do it, we’ll take it :)

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