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Many people look for different things to fill their lives and make them feel better. They search and search for a person, an object, something to make them feel whole. I used to be one of those people until I decided to hand my life over to Jesus. You may think it’s cliche but it is the complete and honest truth. This also applies to Vic’s life. We were both lost and Jesus saved our lives; without Him we are nothing and probably wouldn’t even be here. We don’t want this blog to be solely about pictures we take, but a reflection of our lives and all the things we love. With that being said, we were part of an AMAZING conference about 2 weeks ago (I know I’m late on blogging it, don’t judge me!) ;)

This was our youth conference… CGC 2013 “A Generation After God’s Heart”. Needless to say it was AWESOME and life-changing. We featured Bethel band in concert and if you haven’t heard them you NEED to! They are seriously SO good! There were, of course, guest speakers, who tore the house down with their amazing messages. For those that don’t already know, dance is my first love. I am a dance leader at my church and all the girls danced their hearts out during this conference. Here are just a few images from that life-changing weekend :)

This was our SUPER cool Color Fest that started the whole conference on Friday afternoon! Everyone dressed in white and we had music and a lot of fun! Photo credit: ERJ Photography Team

I get to serve with some pretty awesome girls! One of my favorite shots of us dancing :)

Photo credit: ERJ Photography Team

This preaching was FIRE!

Bethel band is seriously one of the most amazing bands ever! They are so humble (we got to meet a few members) and their worship songs are out of this world! 

These images only show a small glimpse of the fun, life-changing, wonderful weekend we had along with so many youth that are hungry for God’s presence. We are truly blessed to be a part of our church and we are blessed to be able to witness God doing the greatest miracle He can: transforming the heart of people.



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