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We are back from an AMAZING trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We went to shoot our first destination wedding and those pictures will be up on the blog soon!

BUT for now we are oh so excited to feature yet again this awesome couple! Dayami and Piero were both so excited about their big day. They are probably one of the most enthusiastic couples we’ve worked with so far and we were overjoyed to be able to capture all the special moment during their wedding. From the moment we arrived, there was excitement and joy in the air. It was an amazing atmosphere and to be honest I had to take a moment to soak it all in because it reminded me so much of my wedding day. There was so much love in the air and it was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt shooting. We can’t wait yo show you more…


Absolutely stunning bride!
Piero sent her a gift with a beautiful note that made us all emotional.
I love the idea of couples giving each other gifts on their wedding day.
He is so GQ! Her dress was absolutely STUNNING! Seriously I wanted to get married again and borrow it ;) I just can’t! Dayami you are GORGEOUS! First look :) My absolute favorite! Hi, yes they do belong in a magazine. Thanks ;)I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom this excited for his bride! You’re married! Such an awesome bridal party! It was HOT, and I mean scorching! But these groomsmen didn’t even break a sweat :) Such a unique and fun first dance! She says she gets all her dance moves from Dad :)
We were’t expecting this dance but it was AWESOME! My camera often gets distracted. I don’t know what to do with it anymore ;) So Vic and I decided to get walkie talkies with ear pieces to be able to communicate with each other during weddings. Needless to say, I felt like a secret agent. (insert Mission Impossible theme music) :D

Dayami and Piero, thank you for letting us capture you’re special day. We had such a great time and we feel truly honored to have been able to document your love. You both are amazing people and we love you! Welcome to the married club :)

-Kristy & Vic

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