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Hello Hustle Workshop 2017

There are so many things I want to say and so many emotions flooding my heart right now as I write these words. I continue writing and deleting, and writing again because my words can’t seem to convey what I feel in my heart. Our hearts are completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, in the most beautiful way, by gratitude and love. The amount of feedback we have received from this workshop has been unreal. We have received countless emails and messages about how inspired they feel and how they now feel ready to tackle 2017 and make it their best year yet. And these messages have, time and time again, brought me to tears and filled my heart with such joy. Seeing these women, who have even thought of quitting their businesses altogether, leave this workshop on Sunday motivated and inspired, is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever experienced!

This started out as a simple conversation over donuts between Vic and I, and Erica. And I never thought that dream and vision would become a reality. We wanted to create a workshop for entrepreneurs that motivated, inspired, and moved people to hustle in 2017. As soon as the idea was spoken, it was as if it was given life. And as soon as we decided on making this happen, I immediately reached out again to Erica, a wonderful friend and photographer, and Maureen, one of our favorite wedding planner friends, and we put this thing into motion in just one month! We could not have done it without these two ladies and we’re seriously so blessed by both of their friendships. We cannot thank enough Yvette from The Salvage Snob for hosting us in her beautiful vintage furniture warehouse and Monique from Only One Mark, Inc for creating all the stationery and graphics we shared to social media!

I am beyond excited to share a little recap of our first ever Hello Hustle Workshop and I’m forever grateful to the attendees for coming! We are cheering you on in 2017 and we can’t wait to see all of your success this year! :)

Thank you Monique for the hand lettering on this sign! And a special thank you to Maureen for styling the entire workshop :) Monique for the win! She made both the sign and the graphics for the tumbler!
After seeing pictures of myself speaking, I realized how much I use my hands! I shared on the importance of goal-setting to succeed in your life and business. There they go again! Erica shared on the power of networking and accountability, and it was amazing! And Maureen shared on what it really means to hustle by realizing your purpose, going with your intuition, and taking action! Then we had a brief Q & A session for all the attendees to ask us anything they wanted We created vision boards for 2017! And these last headshots were taken by Erica! Love how she brought out the best in all these ladies! :) The entire group of amazing ladies!Our huddle at the end of the workshop was my favorite! Couldn’t have done it without these two! You both are absolutely amazing women and I’m honored to call you my friends! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us :) 

To all the Hello Hustle attendees, you are going to do amazing things this year! We believe in you and we are rooting for you to succeed and thrive throughout this year! :)

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