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How Honeybook Revolutionized our Workflow


When we first started our business 4 years ago we had no idea what a workflow even was, much less how to effectively build and use one. So we did what we thought was right, and we set up an excel sheet with our “workflow” from start to end of all the things we needed to do in the process of booking a wedding. And for a while it was working, it really was, because at that time we only had about 5-7 weddings a year, which was easily managed with our paper system. But over the past 2 years our bookings have increased (thankfully) and now at almost 20 weddings this year, we needed something more effective. We needed to move into the digital age (because apparently, we were WAY behind with our paper systems) and that’s where Honeybook came in and revolutionized our entire workflow! We literally had a “where has this been all my life” kinda moment as we sat in front of the screen for the first time to get our Honeybook 101 training session. So here’s the thing about us… when we love something we have to share it with the world. And friends, we really love our Honeybook :) But before we gush all about why we love Honeybook so much, we’re first going to explain a little more about it…

What is Honeybook?

Honeybook is an online business management platform that allows creative to digitize their workflow with payments, contracts, invoices and more, to create a more professional client experience. They are an all-in-one software that allows you to streamline your workflow, grow your business, and even connect with other creative entrepreneurs. Pretty amazing, right? But you know what our favorite part about Honeybook is?! The amazing vision behind this company! They are more than just a computer software program, they are a company who believe in small business and creative entrepreneurs.

Now we can dive into the reasons why we love Honeybook…

Why we LOVE Honeybook?

  1. Honeybook has the best customer service! Once you purchase a membership, they will set up a call with you to walk you through every single step of setting up your account. They have a Facebook group in which you can ask any questions and get an almost immediate response. They also assign you to a concierge and they are willing to address any concerns you have. And the best part… your concierge will go ahead and set up your files for you. So for example, if you have a contract, they upload your contract for you and set it up. You literally give them all the things you have and they do it for you! Does not get easier than that :)
  2. Honeybook allows your clients to pay online! We were weary at first about this because we have always received checks from our clients and we didn’t like the idea of the extra fees. But the ease of online payments for our clients was absolutely worth it. They also send automatic payment reminders! We all know that we hate that awkward email we sometimes have to send stating “You owe me money” and Honeybook goes ahead and sends an automatic payment reminder for you. (making it a little less awkward)
  3. Honeybook helps you work smarter not harder. Not only does Honeybook send automatic payment reminders, but they can automatically send the clients your questionnaire one month before the wedding day. It also allows your clients to sign contracts! No more scanning and printing to sign, to then scan again and email back to the clients! It’s all done right on Honeybook.
  4. It helps us keep track of what step in the wedding experience process our clients are in. Honeybook creates a “Pipeline” and through that Pipeline, you have different steps starting with their initial inquiry (which you can directly link to Honeybook) all the way to Completing the project! You can add steps in to customize it specifically for the type of business you have and how you chose to run it.
  5. Honeybook is affordable! There are two types of plans… A $40 a month plan, and a $400 a year plan. And with this discount code, you get 20% off of that price! That means a yearly subscription is only $320 and trust me it is absolutely worth it!

Get 20% of Honeybook here!

Head over to their site and check them out! You can get a 30-day trial to test out the waters and see if it’s a good fit for you and your business! :)

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