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It was Sunday afternoon and the weather couldn’t be any better. I got to the park not knowing exactly what to do and decided to go for a walk with my girlfriend/assistant Kristine ;)  As we were walking, we noticed a few areas with some nice, soft, light. I must admit I don’t usually take into consideration the surroundings of a location, I mainly focus on the light that  is given off. This was one of the few occasions that we were able to find nice surroundings with great light. By the time Jenny and Jonathan got to the park I had somewhat of an idea of what I was aiming for. At the beginning of the session it seemed like they were a little nervous, but as time passed they began to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. 

I have known Jenny for about 9 years and I must say that I have never seen her this happy, from her personality to the way she lights up when she’s with him. Happiness came to her when she met Jonathan at a restaurant in Bayside. Time passed and they soon fell in love.  They are now expecting a baby boy named Jordan…


    This one has to be one of my favorites..                   

I love it when they have some fun during a shoot..

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