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Maternity Session – Liz+Carlos+Christian+Adrian

It’s been days since I started writing this post, thinking of how can I express or describe what my sister and her kids mean to me. But the truth is that I haven’t found any words.. My sister its just an incredible person with a genuine heart. She’s been my number 1 fan and has always believed in me no matter what. I’m very fortunate to have a sister like her, and her kids.. well… let’s just say that I see them as if they were mine. They are the most incredible little people that I’ve seen, and did I mention that the baby inside her womb is a girl!? Which means that I’m gonna have a niece.. How exciting is that!? Her name is Alyssa but you can call her Princess.. Oh.. and Carlos you’re like my brother! I didn’t forget about you..

Meet the coolest people in the world, Lizbeth, Carlos, Christian and Adrian :)


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