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Miami Wedding : Xiomara + Hiubert


 The day finally came, a day in which Xiomara and Hiubert were going to become one…

Xiomara looked stunning!!I would be this happy too if I knew I was riding on a Rolls Royce Phantom.. ;)At King Jesus Ministry..This is the moment in which you know that all the prayers, sacrifices and waiting was all worth it..Xiomara and Hiubert are perfect for each other, only God can put two like these togetherAnd now is when the real party starts!! You guys are one good looking couple..They definitely brought it that day…At the Renaisance at the Gables.First dance, literally.. but it won’t be the last one ;)Xiomara you should try for “American Idol”. Girl… you can sing!!Party time!!!You can’t party without throwing some fist-pump!I must say.. I was impressed!At this time, I bet all he was thinking about was HONEYMOON.. lolIt was more than an honor to capture all these special moments for you guys. It was so much fun! I love you guys..

Kristine, Xiomara, Victor, Hiubert 

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