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Peanut the Couch Potato

When we first got Peanut I would have NEVER thought that I could love a dog as much as I love him. Vic and I are first-time dog owners and we didn’t expect to be this smitten by him at all. But Peanut stole our hearts from the minute we saw him! He just turned four months and I feel as though he’s grown so much. He is also going to puppy training classes, which he does great in! (The trainer says that Peanut is really smart; we are such proud puppy parents :) )

For one small moment I caught Peanut relaxing on our couch and I HAD to grab my camera and snap some shots of that face!

It never fails, every time he get up on the couch he puts his face between the seat!
Yea, I know, the cuteness it too much to handle! How can you say no to him? I mean really, I would pay someone if they could say no when he puts that face!
I know he’s just a dog, but he has brought so much joy to our lives and we couldn’t even imagine it now without him. Yes, he is real and no, he’s not a teddy bear ;)

This little guy makes our lives happier everyday! Hope he can brighten some of your day also :)

Happy Friday!


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