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Wedding Wednesday: Benefits of an Outdoor Ceremony

By writing this post I am in no way knocking indoor ceremonies at all! It is simply to educated our readers of the benefits of an outdoor ceremony from a photography standpoint. Now for those of you that live in Miami or any other tropical climate you know that outdoor ceremonies in the summer are killer. Not only because of the 90+ degree weather but it is also VERY rainy in the summer. It rained every single day in July for 25 days straight here in Miami. Every. Single. Day. So needless to say, getting married outdoors comes with risks (especially during the summer) In spring and fall the weather is more comfortable for an outdoor ceremony and it is less likely to rain. But you need to see if that’s a risk you are willing to take and make sure your venue always has a backup plan.

Having an outdoor ceremony makes for some gorgeous pictures and fantastic light. Not to say that indoor ceremonies don’t produce beautiful pictures, however the lighting and effects are a bit different. Another benefit of an outdoor ceremony is the ability to decorate more freely. Many churches and indoor venues have restrictions, but with an outdoor ceremony you have the freedom to have some unique and beautiful decor. Vic and I, and most natural light photographers, will agree that outdoor ceremonies are our favorites :) So that may be something to consider when deciding on an indoor or outdoor ceremony and the season in which you get married. For example, Vic and I knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony so we chose to get married in March because of the good weather and slim chance of rain.


When deciding on exactly what you want your wedding day to look like, think about the pros and cons of an outdoor ceremony and the season in which you get married. The last thing you want is to get married and regret the place you chose for your ceremony. I’ve said it before, but the most important thing is for you, as a couple, to be happy with every aspect of your wedding day!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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