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Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Right Photographer

There are so many decisions to make when a couple gets engaged. As soon as he pops the question, it’s decision after decision, after decision. From the big decisions, like the date and venue, to some of the small decisions like favors and seating arrangements. You will never have to make so many decision to make in your entire life! One of the decisions that is on the top of the list, is choosing a photographer. Most people go with someone they find through google or perhaps even a referral from someone they know. Now I’m not saying that any of these ways are wrong or any less effective, but they can sometimes not turn out exactly as planned.

We definitely believe that a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, should be a perfect fit for their client. We have heard from different people about their experiences with other photographers and sometimes its a negative experience. This is in NO way saying that we are the best, nor that we are the perfect fit for everyone, but we are convinced that the relationship between a couple and their photographers is very important. After all, your photographer is with you almost your entire wedding day; you definitely want someone you like, and get along with, by your side.


Here are some tips to choosing a photographer that’s going to be the perfect fit…

1. Do your research! If you find them on google, or a friend refers them, take a look at their work before booking them. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it and be your own judge.

2. Find their blog. Almost all photographers have a website and a blog. The blog is usually where they show there most current work and a little bit of their personal lives. Most photographers put their absolute best work on their website and perhaps it’s not their consistent work. Websites can sometimes be deceiving (I hope I’m making some sense haha)

3. Don’t settle! Don’t settle for the first photographer that you google and see they take nice pictures. You may like them, but then again, you may find another photographer you like better. Also, we do suggest to make sure the photographer falls within your budget. But, if you find someone that rocks your world and may be a little over budget, try to squeeze them in. Believe me, you won’t regret the extra money spent on pictures you will love forever!

4. Follow them. Find that photographer on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and follow them. See what they are like on a personal level and if you like them. They may or may not be the right fit for you, but the only way to tell is by seeing their personalities, usually showcased through their personal social media account.

Now with this post I am attaching this disclaimer haha! We are not saying that we are the perfect fit for every couple, nor that we are the best.  Nothing is worse than hearing from a friend or acquaintance that they hated their wedding pictures, because we know that a wedding day is not something that can be repeated.We just want to educate others on how to find a photographer that is right for them, whether it is us or one of the other amazing photographers in Florida.

We hope this post helps couples choose the right photographer for the most important day of their lives! :)

Happy Wednesday!

-Kristy & Vic

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