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Wedding Wednesday: The Pinterest Phenomenon

I am going to be honest and say that Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. How many cute outfits do I wish would magically appear in my closet? How many DIY projects that I pinned haven’t been done? I have never cleaned out my closet in 5 easy steps or drawn a cat on my ring finger with nail polish. When I got married over a year ago, I hadn’t encountered the Pinterest world, and in a slight way I’m glad. Not to say that Pinterest doesn’t have some great ideas, but lets be honest sometimes the ideas are unrealistic. That’s where we have to be careful not to let disappointment come in.


Pinterest has some great ideas but we must be careful not to let it consume all of our time. Many of us (including myself) spend hours looking and “pinning” ideas. I have found that Pinterest may also cause some false expectations. Most of the ideas on Pinterest are absolutely GORGEOUS but they don’t say how much time and money need to be invested into the specific idea. If you aren’t consumed by the “Pinterest Phenomenon” then you’ll be just fine. The only thing I warn couples of (mainly brides, because really, what groom looks for wedding ideas on Pinterest? LOL) is that they don’t create false hopes based on their Pinterest dream wedding and then end up disappointed on their wedding day because it didn’t look like what they pinned!


Pinterest can also be a great tools for photographers looking for new ideas with lighting and posing, etc. But again it can be a double-edged sword. Many couples come with an idea of an exact pose that they want because they saw it on Pinterest and are disappointed if it doesn’t look exactly like the one they pinned. One piece of advice to couples… trust your photographer! They know what they are doing and you hired them for a reason.  Keep it simple, keep it you, and yes, use inspiration from Pinterest! You never know, maybe you will create the new photo that will be continually “repinned” on Pinterest.

Happy Hump Day!


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