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Wedding Wednesday: Your Top Three

Every bride we meet with and almost every newly engaged couple we talk to have the same concerns. How do they have the perfect wedding without breaking the bank? How do they make a vision they’ve had since they were four years old come to life without going into debt? The answer is simple. You have to pick your top 3. What do I mean by “top 3”? Well, I’m glad you asked :)


When we speak to couples planning a wedding, they are usually stressed out about money. Because let’s face it, planning a wedding is expensive! If you’re not wise with your money, you can end up in a lot of debt! But this is where your “top three” comes in! We always tell our couples to pick the three things in their wedding that is most important to them. Some will say the flowers, venue, and dress. Others will say the food, the cake, and the music. Whatever your “top three” are, that is what you should splurge on. So for example, when planning a wedding if your “top three” is photography, the venue, and food, that is what you spend the most money on. Everyone’s “top three” is different and there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It really just depends on what’s the most important to you on your wedding day.


Once you’ve picked your “top three”, then it’s time to find the vendors that are going to make your vision come to life. One of our “top three” was photography (duh!) and that is what we splurged on. We scrimped and saved to be able to get our photographer, and it was worth every single penny! We cut back on the food (choosing chicken instead of beef), cake (choosing buttercream frosting instead of fondant), and tried saving in any area we could. We did this because photography was our priority and we wanted the best! Choosing your “top three” will make your wedding planning process smoother and everything come to life exactly as planned!

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