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The Week We had Two Dogs

Three weeks ago we did something crazy, something that was completely out of the blue and unplanned. We went ahead and got a second dog, but it only lasted a week. Here’s the full story…

Our friends Meri & Martin told us about a miniature poodle who needed a new home on a Sunday night. We’ve been itching for another dog for about a month now, so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity. After only discussing it briefly, we decided that we wanted him and drove 2 and a half hours to Orlando the very next day (Monday afternoon) to pick him up. We met him and were instantly smitten with his cuteness and playful demeanor. Peanut seemed to like him too, so we packed ourselves and two dogs back into the car and headed the 2 and half hours back home. But the first night we were no longer smitten with his cuteness or playfulness, we were angry and tired because he would not let us sleep. He spent the entire night whining, barking, and growling at every single noise he heard. Needless to say, we woke up on Tuesday hating life and needing extra coffee.

On Tuesday, we were really able to see how this little puppy was and we immediately noticed that he has major separation anxiety. We felt terrible because, after talking about it, we realized we may not be the best fit for this pup we named Biggie Smallz (because although he’s tiny and only weighs in at a whopping 9 pounds, he’s got a big personality) We knew our upcoming travel schedule and we knew that he would have to be separated from us pretty often for the next few months. And although we really wanted to keep him, we knew he’d be better off in a more stable environment.

As the week went on, we began to train him and we noticed what a good dog he was. We fell more and more in love with him as each day passed, but we decided that he would be better off with our sister Liz and our nephews and niece. So that same Friday we drove down to Miami and dropped him off at their house. He was SO happy and the kid’s excitement was worth everything we went through to get him and hold on to him for that week. He’s now been with them for a little over 3 weeks and we get constant reports about how he’s acclimating to being their fur baby! So today, in honor of Biggie Smallz, we’re sharing some photos to recap our week with two dogs :)

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