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Worth Avenue Engagement Photos | Maria + Erik

worth avenue engagement photos

They worked as lifeguards together during their teenage years, never imagining it would lead to a relationship. They lost touch for a few years and one fateful day, as Maria was on vacation, Erik decided to reach out. The led to a date, which then led to dating and falling in love. About three years into their relationship, Erik decided it was time to take the next step and ordered an engagement ring online for Maria. Little did he know, it would be delivered while he was sleeping and Maria would sign for her own engagement ring! It’s a funny story that eventually led to an intimate proposal right in their home and now in a few months these two get married!

This past Sunday we met Maria and Erik at Worth Avenue for their engagement session. From the moment we started the session, they were absolute naturals in front of the camera and we had the BEST time with them. We had met them through Skype earlier this year and loved getting to know them better as we walked the streets of Worth Avenue. We found out just how funny Erik is and how much he makes Maria (and us) laugh. And as we got to know Maria and saw how sweet and kind she is, we could see exactly why Erik wants to spend forever with her. We had so much fun with both of them and we are even more excited for their wedding in March! Here are some of our favorites from Maria and Erik’c engagement session :)

These were some of the first shots we took and they were already pros :) Snuggles for days! This spot right here feels like another country! palm beach wedding photographerTell us they aren’t the cutest?!worth avenue engagement photosHer matching with the flowers was not planned at all! And after a quick outfit change, we headed to the beach! The water and sky this day was amazing! worth avenue engagement pictures

Maria and Erik, we could not be happier to be a part of this journey down the aisle and we truly loved our time together. You two are amazing together and we can’t wait for the big day in March!


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