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Behind the Scenes Bloopers 2019

Year after year, our behind the scenes bloopers are our most viewed blog posts! Y’all really love this post and we’re not sure if it’s because you’re laughing with us or laughing at us! This is, as always, our most embarrassing post of the year, but we’re perfectly fine with looking like fools to get a smile or laugh out of our couples and those of you that read the blog! It goes without saying that we LOVE what we do and we LOVE the couples we serve. We take thousands of images throughout the year and, every once in a while, we catch each other in action or use one another to test the light and these sometimes turn out to be the funniest photos!

This post is a little different from previous years’ bloopers because in half of these you see a baby bump and then Emma was born right in the middle of the year! Then there are a few where you get to see our little lady when she comes along to shoots with us! We do so many things while running a business, but our favorite part of everything we do, is the time we get to interact with our clients and days we spend with our brides and grooms! We love to have fun during shoots and wedding days and you’ll see that in this post! So feel free to laugh AT us as we share some of our 2019 bloopers and highlights!


We often start our sessions hugging our imaginary friend…

Or hugging the pole for safety and comfort! There’s whole lot of finger pointing throughout our sessions and wedding days…
But we just want to make sure our couples know which way we’re determined to go!
Being only 5 feet tall, our trusty stool is absolutely necessary for me to use…But Vic prefers to get creative on what he stands on to gain height!
When our stool isn’t around, I trust all those years of ballet to help me stay up on my toes! When we’re not tip-toeing, we’re directing bridal parties…
Or practicing our future career as traffic directors…Or doing the “lean back”!  The many faces of our test shots…
Sometimes we whistle to get attention…Or tell our couples to do strange things like open their arms and twirl…Or try and lead the pack!
But, we actually do get work done on wedding days! We will do anything to get the shot, even if it means that we are 8 months pregnant and get drenched from a wave!
“Please hold the sparkler like this and don’t burn the brides hair”
Vic wasn’t sure about this guy and his umbrella“Have you seen my wife? She’s this big” Every once in a while Vic will get caught under the bride’s veil! We sometimes snuggle on the job, but I think our couples are ok with it :) And there’s nothing I won’t do to help our brides! The first half of the year with the baby bump…And then with our sweet girl once she was born! Our sweet couples even help us push an empty stroller! Emma’s first boat ride thanks to Valerie and Ed :)It means so much to us to see how much our couples love our girl! 

We love looking back at these images and remembering what fun we had during these sessions and wedding days! We have THE BEST job in the entire world! 2019 was a phenomenal year and we know 2020 has nothing but greatness in store!

To all of our 2019 couples, thank you for loving us and allowing us to be our ridiculous and silly selves! Thank you for letting us bring Emma along on our shoots and just being such wonderful humans! The fact that we get to spend time with you on the most important day of your lives, means more than we can say!

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