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Building Our Home

We’ve only blogged twice in the month of January because we’ve had the craziest month ever! We closed on our house in late December and started prepping it as soon as we signed the papers. Our official moving date was mid-January and we have been working day in and day out to make this house feel more like home. Now is when we are finally feeling a little more like ourselves and starting to have somewhat of a normal life again. And I use the term “normal life” very loosely, haha! With multiple trips to HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, or Target every week, it’s still not that normal. Amidst this craziness, however, we are SO enjoying this season of working on our home and we are feeling incredibly blessed to be able to do this! Lots of questions have been coming our way about the process of building our home, so we thought we’d take you through our process and then share some pictures we took along the way :) People can check out eXp’s site if they need the best advice on properties.

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It all started in April of last year when, after staying with our friends Claudia and Elton (who just closed on their new house too) for a week, we decided to make the move! Before we could sign the contract to begin building, we had to find the perfect lot to build our home on. We drove around and searched through countless pieces of land but we couldn’t find a lot that felt just right on the lot lists. As we drove through a neighborhood we liked, we spotted a corner lot that had a small for sale sign. It was the perfect lot for us and we are fully convinced that God had us in mind the entire time. Later that week we added that same lot to our contract and the building process began!

The first step was clearing our lot and adding dirt to make it flat for the foundation to go down. Then the structure began and before we knew it they were framing out the walls. We visited our home site at least twice a week to continually check the progress of our home. We decided to put a Bible in the structure of our walls and wrote Bible verses on the wood framing. God is the reason we have this home of ours and we wanted our home to build on the foundation of God’s Word. After framing, they did all the duct work, drywall was put up and all the finishing touches began to happen. Eight months later, almost to the day, we closed on our brand new home and we couldn’t be happier.

We spent almost 3 weeks after closing putting up shiplap (if you follow us on Instagram you saw the behind the scenes of #alltheshiplap). We also swapped out the door, added built-ins to the living room, and built a bench for our breakfast nook. Right now we are in the process of building furniture, decorating the different rooms, and also fixing the yard (I think we might have gotten our hands on the best weed killer in all of Homedepot). We will be sharing all the behind the scenes of the process of that and the final results of the inside of our home soon! For now, we’re sharing a few pictures of the process and all the fun we had building our home!

Can’t believe that the picture above was our crazy bushy lot and this one below was only a few weeks later when they cleared it all out! Foundation was laid shortly after the lot was cleared! 
Before we know it we had the exterior walls up! Then we had a roof and the framing for the interior walls began! i-Phone photos of writing Bible verses on our framing! We kind of skipped a few steps in the photos haha! This was about a month before we closed on the house! 

The photo above was taken today! We added stone, shutters, and sapped out the front door. It’s still missing some landscaping but we honestly cannot say enough how grateful we are that God has allowed us to have this awesome experience together! We will be sharing some behind the scenes images of all the work we did soon and after that the final reveal of our home so stay tuned :)

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