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DVR Diaries: Once Upon a Time

Last week one of our favorite TV shows resumed after a mid-season break for almost 2 months. Once Upon a Time is another show that we are totally hooked on. I am a MAJOR Disney girl and as a child I was absolutely obsessed with anything princess related. We actually came upon this show by chance. Vic of course knows that I love Disney princesses and someone had told him about this show that had to do with fairytales. He found the show on Netflix and we watched the first episode of season one together. Vic never thought he would like it but we were both immediately hooked and it was all down hill from there!


This show takes the regular fairytales we all know and love, and adds a twist to it. It has all the characters we have read about from Snow White, Belle and last season they even brought in Elsa and Anna from Frozen. But, it is definitely made more for grown ups and the plot and twist and turns are so wonderful. What we love about this show is that it not only has a great story line but a good message as well. We record this show every Sunday and it’s one we absolutely love.


So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, get on Netflix. You won’t regret it!

Happy Friday everyone!

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