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Navy & Coral Miami Wedding | Stefhany + Juan

There was a buzz when we walked into the room where Stefhany was getting ready on her wedding day. It wasn’t a stressful or anxious kind of buzz, but a soft, excited one that was in the air. We had been looking forward to this wedding day for some time. Not because it was going to be the fanciest or most elaborate, but because we love this couple so much and they are just such wonderful people to be around. Stefhany and Juan’s wedding day started out with rain, and lots of it, but they didn’t let it dampen there spirits or get them down. As a matter of fact, it was raining right up until the time of the first look and then, it just stopped, giving us enough time to do both the first look and portraits and capture the ceremony. I’m convinced that God held the rain off just for them, because right after the ceremony it started pouring!Their ceremony was so touching and emotional and we loved the navy and coral nautical theme. We loved our time with this beautiful couple and are so glad they chose us to be a part of the important day. Here’s more from Stefhany and Juan’s wedding!Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0825Love this invitation suite! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0826Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0827Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0828Juan’s son Gio helped him get ready! Isn’t he the cutest?!?Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0829And we are pretty obsessed with the color choice for his suit! We LOVE something different! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0830Stefhany, you are such a STUNNING bride!!! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0831Stefhany’s daughter, Jayleen, helped her get ready as well! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0832Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0833Love this! These bridesmaids were SO great! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0834Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0835Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0836Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0837Even before Juan saw Stefhany, he told me he was ready to cry. So much emotion and we LOVE it! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0838Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0839Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0840Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0841Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0842Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0843Oh you two! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0844Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0845Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0846Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0847They both wore converse and so did their entire bridal party! Love that hers say Mrs. Tobon! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0848Miami-Wedding-PhotographyMiami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0850Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0851This one is definitely a favorite! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0852Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0853Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0854Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0855How original is this boutonniere?!Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0856Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0857Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0859Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0858Even after seeing her already for the first look, he was overwhelmed with emotions again as she walked down the aisle. Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0860Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0861Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0862Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0863Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0864First kiss as Mr. And Mrs. Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0865Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0867Absolutely love this color combination and all the unique little details they had at their reception! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0866Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0868Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0869One of Stefhany’s bridesmaids made this cake!!! Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0870Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0871Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0872Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0873We love a good dad :) Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0874Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0875Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0876Juan was just so emotional during this whole day and I almost lost it watching him dance with his motherMiami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0877Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0878We lost it laughing when we saw this picture! These guys weren’t playing around haha!Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0879And then the party started :)Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0880Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0881Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0882Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0883Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0884Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0885Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0887Miami-Nautical-Wedding-Photos_0888

We love these two SO much and we are so grateful that they chose us to capture their special day! We had the best time with them both! We wish you both the absolute best on this new journey called marriage :) Welcome to the married club!

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