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Emma’s Newborn Photos

Emma is now 5 and half weeks old and she’s honestly the most amazing baby! We will share more details when we share her one month blog post but today we’re finally getting around to blogging her newborn photos! When she was just 11 days old, our amazing sister took our first set of family photos and Emma’s newborn photos. We are so lucky that we have a newborn photographer in the family and we LOVE the pictures Liz took of us! She drove up to our home and stayed with us for almost a week to help us adjust to this new life with our baby. Not only did she photograph our new family of 4 (including Peanut) but she cooked for us, helped us with Emma, and even cleaned, all while being pregnant herself! We cannot thank her enough for EVERYTHING she did for us!

These are images we will forever cherish of us and of our sweet girl when she was only a few days old. She was such a trooper throughout all these photos and was completely asleep during the entire time we took these. And Peanut did such a great job when we took photos of him and her together! We have so many favorites and we just can get enough of all the cuteness :) It’s true what everyone says about time going by so fast once you have a baby. We cannot believe she will be 6 weeks on Saturday and these photos of her squishy little face are priceless to us. The first few images are of our new little family all together and the rest are of her by herself (and it’s really TOO much cuteness). So while we may be a little late, we’re finally sharing Emma’s newborn photos with you all today!

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