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Classy Rustic Miami Wedding | Rochelle + Javier

Do we have a treat for you guys today!!! We are so excited to share this beautiful wedding with all of you. This was our 2nd wedding from our double header weekend and we were so blessed to work with yet another gorgeous and sweet couple! Rochelle and Javier have been engaged for over 2 years and weren’t able to get married sooner because of their work schedules. So you can imagine how excited they were to finally tie the knot this past Sunday! Thanks to Rochelle’s sister Michelle, they planned the wedding in a few months, and we were SO glad we were available for their big day! Michelle was the best to work with throughout the whole planning process and their family was so sweet! I mean, really, really sweet!

Rochelle got ready at the apartment she grew up in, with her sisters and her mother by her side. They created different areas for pictures and it was the cutest thing we’d ever seen! The atmosphere was so peaceful and serene. We loved it and it was definitely the perfect environment to get our creative juices flowing. We kept commenting on how everyone was so calm and the environment was just perfect! From the getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception, there were so many personal touches and sweet details throughout the entire wedding. This wedding was an absolute dream to photograph. We LOVED our time with Javier and Rochelle and their beautiful families! Here’s more from their gorgeous wedding day!!

Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0043Everything in this wedding was just so clean and classy, we loved it! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0044Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0045Oh these Bagdley Mischkas made me swoon! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0046Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0047Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0048Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0049Definitely our favorite ring shot to date!Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0050Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0051Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0052I was pretty much gushing over how gorgeous Rochelle’s wedding dress was from the moment I walked in the doorVilla-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0053Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0054How gorgeous are all the girls in this family!?! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0055
What a handsome groom! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0056Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0057Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0058Exactly why we LOVE first looks! These reactions are priceless
Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0059Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0060Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0061Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0062Gah! You guys are absolutely stunning together! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0063Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0064Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0065This is the “secret garden” in the building that Rochelle and her sisters grew up inVilla-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-photographyVilla-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0067Boom baby! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0068Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0069FAVORITE!!! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0070Rochelle, you are absolutely beautiful! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0071Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0072Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0073Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0074Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0075Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0076They tied the knot at the beautiful St. Francis church in Miami Beach Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0077Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0078Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0079Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0080Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0081You’re married!!! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0082Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0083Rochelle and Javier had their reception at the cutest French restaurant, Villa Azur, in Miami Beach Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0084Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0085Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0086Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0087Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0088First dance as Mr. and Mrs. GutierrezVilla-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0089Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0090Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0091Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0092Everyone partied the night away!
Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0093Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0094Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0095Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0096Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0097There was even a limbo! Haha! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0098An EXTRA special thank you to our assistant Idana for capturing all these behind the scenes of both of us! Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0100Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0101And we were able to work alongside the awesome Alejo of RA Films!

Villa-Azur-Wedding-miami-wedding-pictures_0099Rochelle and Javier, you both were an absolute dream to work with! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! We loved our time together and we are so happy for you both! We wish you all the best in this new journey! Welcome to the married club! We love you guys :)


Ceremony | St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church

Venue | Villa Azur

Hair and Makeup | Kiss This Makeup

Videographer | RA Films

DJ | DJ Rez

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Warehouse

Bridesmaids Attire | Monique Lhullier & Alfred Sung

Invitations | Copy Express


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