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Wedding Wednesday

One of my close friend is getting married in about a year. I recently spoke to her and she was debating what her wedding colors were going to be. We went through about 10 different color schemes to see which one she liked best. She finally decided on a color palette and showed her fiance, who hated it! After much debate and back and forth, she let me know that they finally agreed on their wedding colors (which are GORGEOUS). She kept coming to me for advice on what I thought and I was truly honored. It got me thinking about starting a series of blog posts about weddings. Thus Wedding Wednesday was born! Here I will give advice, suggestions and feedback on some questions every bride-to-be has.

In life there are a few moments that mark you forever and become the best days of your life. Your wedding should be one of those days. The day I married Vic was the best day of my life; not only did I get to marry my best friend and soulmate, but all the extensive planning and obsessing finally paid off. So we are starting our new section with the topic of wedding colors…

The colors you pick for your big day are very important. They are a reflection of you as a couple and they are colors you are going to have to see in all your wedding pictures and video, so you might as well love them! Vic and I chose plum and turquoise, which to this day I am in love with. I look back on my wedding pictures and I still love the color combination. That is what every bride should feel like, they should be in love with their wedding colors even after their big day.

I always suggest for brides to pick two wedding colors. You don’t want everything in your wedding to be orange, so pick a complimentary color to complete the look. I received my inspiration for my wedding colors from my favorite orchid. Some couples have each one pick their favorite color and try to combine them (for example the groom’s favorite color is blue and the bride’s is yellow and BAM! the perfect wedding palette). If your groom doesn’t really mind what colors you pick then pick two of your favorite colors.

Try to pick colors that not only complement each other, but are easy on the eyes. For example, if I would have only picked turquoise it would have been too bright and if I would have only picked plum it would have been too dark. Picking a bright and dark color and combining them will make the perfect palette for your wedding and when you look back at your pictures you won’t think “What the heck was I on?” ;)


At the end of the day, its your wedding! You pick the colors that make you happy and ones that you won’t regret. It’s about you and your groom sharing your love with your closest family and friends. No matter what colors you pick, know that on that one special day you are marrying the person God intended for you to be with for the rest of your life. Hope this helped :) Happy Wednesday!


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