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Anna Maria Island Wedding | Amanda + Mark

This wedding was one for the books! You may remember Amanda and Mark from their amazing engagement session here. They really could not have had a more perfect day! We have never seen a wedding day go so smoothly and this destination wedding was a dream to capture. We drove 4 hours up to the west coast of Florida to Anna Maria island and we immediately fell in love with this quaint little town. Everything about this wedding was so perfect, from the moment we started shooting all the way to the very end. We could not have been happier photographers! Vic and I loved capturing Amanda and Mark and we were so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their special day.

AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0001Loved how simple and elegant her jewelry wasAnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0002AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0003Mark’s mom made these bride and groom Chick-fil-A cows by hand. Amanda and Mark met because they both work for Chick-fil-A. Such a cute detail! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0004AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0005AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0006All of our brides are gorgeous but Amanda you looked breath-taking!
AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0007AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0008Our handsome groom!
AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0009Mom was beaming the entire time Amanda was getting ready, and with every right! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0010AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0080Apparently we are hilarious! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0012Have we ever mentioned how much we love first looks?!? And how sweet was it for Mark to bring flowers for her?AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0013AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0014AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0015AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0016AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0017AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0018Geez, we love you two together! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0019AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0020AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0021AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0022AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0023This bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!

AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0034Yea, I’m pretty obsessed with these light teal bridesmaids dressesAnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0029AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0030How gorgeous are Amanda’s bridesmaids?
AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0031These guys were absolutely hilarious! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0032AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0033And then more bride and groom portraits… We love having so much time for portraits!!!
AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0035AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0036AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0037AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0041Amanda had both her father and step-father walk her down the aisle because both men have played such an important role in her life. AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0042AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0043AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0044AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0045What a view! The Sandbar Restaurant, you did not disappoint!

AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0079 AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0047You’re married!!! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0048Amanda and Mark gave us even more time after the ceremony and these next images are some of our favorites ever!!!
AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0049AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0050You’ve got to be kidding me! This light was so good I think Vic even let out a yell at one point from how excited he was haha
Anna-Maria-Island-wedding-photographyAnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0052Oh. Em. Gee!!! Mark, you are one lucky guy! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0053AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0054We really can’t pick a favorite! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0055AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0056AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0057Aaaahhhhhh! These are the moments we love and live for! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0058AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0059AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0060AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0061AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0062AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0063AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0064First dance as husband and wifeAnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0065AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0066Dancing with her step-father. Total tear jerker! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0067Then Amanda dedicated this dance to a friend of hers named Quinn, that passed away much too young. The man she’s dancing with is Quinn’s father. AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0068AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0069And let the party begin! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0070AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0071AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0072AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0073AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0074AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0075AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0076A special thank you to my brother Jonathan for capturing a behind-the-scenes of both of us! AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0077AnnaMariaIslandbeachwedding_0078

Amanda and Mark, thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We absolutely loved every moment and we thought your wedding was absolutely perfect! You two are amazing and have such a special place in our hearts! We love you guys! Welcome to the married club :)


Kristy & Vic

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