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Anniversary Photos | Meri + Martin

There are people in your life who you connect with. People who you meet and impact your life in the most positive way. People who know you and still accept you for who you are. They’re just “your people”. Well, Meri and Martin are those people for us! They are our dearest friends who, although we live hundreds of miles apart, we still seem to always pick up right where we left off. They’re the type of people that will sleep only a few hours and drive hundreds of miles just to spend time with you. And although they’ve driven down to Miami from Orlando just to see us countless times, this time was a bit different.

You see, Meri and Martin are wedding and portrait photographers in Orlando. They are a husband and wife team and have started their photography business together. We did a mentoring session for them earlier this year, and this past Saturday they drove down to Miami not only to visit, but to have us take pictures of them for their website! We were beyond excited to do so and we were even more excited when they told us they were spending the night and hanging out with us! Because really, who doesn’t love sleepovers?! And aside from their branding pictures, we had to take some more pictures of them as the sun was setting in a nearby field. Because they’re just so cute together and they celebrated 2 years of marriage this past August!

We have only but a handful of true friends and these two are at the top of that list. They are selfless, loving, and genuinely kind. We love when they come down to see us and we are already trying to work out a trip to Orlando very soon to see them again. There aren’t enough words to describe how much they mean to us and how truly special they are. Here are some of our favorites from Meri and Martin’s branding and anniversary session!

orlando-wedding-photographers_0158orlando-wedding-photographers_0159orlando-wedding-photographers_0160orlando-wedding-photographers_0161orlando-wedding-photographers_0162Don’t I have the most gorgeous friend?! I LOVE this picture of her :) orlando-wedding-photographers_0163orlando-wedding-photographers_0164orlando-wedding-photographers_0165Geez, they’re just adorable! orlando-wedding-photographers_0166orlando-wedding-photographers_0167orlando-wedding-photographers_0168So once we finished their branding pictures, we went ahead and drove a few minutes to an open field nearby just as the sun was setting! And that light did not disappoint :) orlando-wedding-photographers_0169orlando wedding photographerorlando-wedding-photographers_0171Look at these snuggles! orlando-wedding-photographers_0172orlando-wedding-photographers_0173orlando-wedding-photographers_0174orlando-wedding-photographers_0175And let’s just talk about Meri’s outfit for a second! Love it! orlando-wedding-photographers_0176orlando-wedding-photographers_0177orlando-wedding-photographers_0178orlando-wedding-photographers_0179orlando-wedding-photographers_0180One of my favorites! orlando-wedding-photographers_0181orlando-wedding-photographers_0182orlando-wedding-photographers_0183

Meri and Martin, you guys are amazing! We are SO proud of the progress you’ve made in your business and marriage. You mean so much to us and you have a very special place in our hearts! We love you!

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