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Behind the Scenes | Intimate Garden Inspiration Shoot

Last week we shared with all of  you our recent inspiration shoot and how it was featured on Wedding Chicks! (still riding the high from that one!) We are so excited about it, but none of it would have been possible without all the hard work of the vendors involved! While we were arranging, shooting, and working hard we were able to take some behind the scene pictures of everyone involved! These friends worked tirelessly to make everything perfect and we couldn’t have been happier with the results!

There were tons of serious work happening, but we loved our time spent with all these fun people! The creatives that volunteered their time and efforts to make this shoot happen, have turned into friends! We are so extremely grateful for each of them and  are excited to share these behind the scenes images with all of you!

Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0123These are faces of concentration! Seriously, this shoot could not have happened without these two ladies! Helen and Soco, your talent is ridiculous!
intimate-garden-wedding-inspirationStyled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0125Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0126Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0127More serious faces! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0128Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0129Elsie killed it with the calligraphy! She’s so talented! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0130Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0131Intense discussion either about linens or flowers!
Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0132Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0133You see those clips in the back, those were fun to hide! Haha! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0134Helen made magic happen in this ceremony space! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0135And when you need to take pictures but the branch is too low, you stand on a step stool and push! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0136Lily made Claudia look SO gorgeous! We really did work with the best! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0137Photo-bombing at it’s finest! Haha! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0138Yes, I am leaning on Kristen to get the shot, it’s better than falling over! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0139Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0140This is Soco… she loves flowers and cupcakes! :)Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0141And Lily loves the flowers too! Styled-Shoot-Behind-the-Scenes_0142You know, just fighting with our diffuser that’s double my size!


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