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Behind the Scenes Bloopers 2018

So we know we’ve said that the last two posts have been our favorite but this next post is really our favorite favorite :) We shared all the pretty images for this past year in our Best of Engagements and Portraits and Best of Weddings posts and now we get to share all the fun we have while taking these photos! While this could potentially be our most embarrassing post of the year, it’s also (in our humble opinion) the funniest. We absolutely love our jobs and the amazing couples we get to serve and we truly have the best time doing what we love together! We take thousands of images throughout the year and, every once in a while, we catch each other in action or use one another to test the light and these sometimes turn out to be the funniest photos we take all year!

We constantly get asked how we can work together and it’s usually followed by a comment about how they would kill their spouse if they worked with them. We think one of the answers to this is that we have fun and no matter what happens while we are working, we always take a moment to laugh! So you may either laugh with us, or laugh at us after seeing these pictures but no matter what you’re laughing ;) Here are some images from our behind the scenes blooper reel!


I like to start off our sessions saluting our couples with my special salute! ;)

Not sure where he is going in such a hurry, but apparently, it was so important he had to burst into an all out sprint! Being 5 feet tall, I heavily rely on my ballet skills to gain some height when my stool isn’t nearbyAnd Vic sometimes taps into his inner dancer to get some height as well! 

But we can both agree that our trusty tool is an essential part of our gear! 

He always makes sure our couples know how to stand with pride or how not to have a double chin! Every once in a while we like to play hide and seek (which I’m obviously better at than Vic) And although I hate bugs, I will squash the necessary creature for our clients! “You must be this tall to ride this ride”Apparently, I was very confused about this bouquet We do a whole lot of finger pointing throughout our sessions and wedding days
And when we’re not pointing fingers, we’re peeking through doors…Or dancing…Or doing the “lean back”! We are ALWAYS excited about cake :) The many faces of our test shots…
But sometimes we get so lonely…And we pretend that there’s someone else there to love us!We will do anything to get a kid to smile during our family sessions, including running around with themOr putting their favorite toy on our heads! We will also do anything for the shot, including sitting on a rock and getting soaking wet as a wave rolled in! But aside from being a photographer, I tap into my role as a hairstylist every now and then! And every once in a while help our groom’s with their jackets

And lend a helping hand to get our brides into their dresses!  

“But like, who eats cake before dinner?” lol
Sometimes we do strange things… Or show our couples how to do strange movements with their hands…Or give them strange instructions… “You must swim to the end of this pond together” Every once in a while, we have some competition! Not sure what Vic is doing but it looks like the chicken dance and I had to remind him nicely that there’s not time for that and we have to get back to work! I’m pretty much an expert at hip-popping techniques, which Vic finds hilarious, but our videographer friends isn’t so amused.
But although this post is full of all kinds of silly antics, we do love our jobs and work hard to capture special moments in our clients lives! And these are the reactions we live for and love! And probably one of our favorite behind the scenes picture :) The first of many baby bump photos during our last wedding of 2018! 

To all of our couples, thank you for loving us and allowing us to be silly around you and have fun with you during your sessions and on your wedding day!

While there may be a few embarrassing photos in here, we’re ok with it. Becuase when we look back on all these photos we get to remember how much fun we have at each and every wedding and session we shoot. We are privileged to be a part of our couples lives throughout this awesome season and we truly LOVE what we do! 2018 was a phenomenal year and we’re excited to see all the fun 2019 has in store for us :)

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