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Carnival Engagement Photos | Isabella + Mike


carnival theme engagement pictures

When Isa and Mike first approached us about doing their engagement session at the local fair, I have to admit, we were hesitant. But my goodness, I have to say that we are SO glad we went with their idea! We LOVE these images so much and have so many new favorites from this session!

I’ve known Isabella since we were both teenagers! She wasn’t even in high school when we first met and I feel as though I’ve been able to witness her grow into the beautiful woman she is today. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and knew me before Vic and I even met.  She’s been a friend for many years and has been with me throughout all those important moments in my life. And when Mike came into the picture, let’s just say she found her prince charming and I’ve never seen her happier! :)

Her and Mike met at church, just like Vic and I, and soon after meeting began spending lots of time together and fell in love. Seeing them and their relationship blossom has been so sweet to witness. After dating for about 2 years, he finally popped the question and now they’re getting married in November! We are overjoyed about being a part of their wedding and we are beyond excited to share the images from their recent carnival engagement session!

Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0052Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0053Isa, you looked absolutely STUNNING! Can’t wait to see how gorgeous you’re going to look on your wedding day!
Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0054LOVE all these colors!
carnival engagement sessionCarnival-Engagement-Photos_0056Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0057Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0058Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0059And then she won a puppy! Yep, you read it right.. she was the one who won it :)Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0060Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0061Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0062Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0063Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0093Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0096Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0066Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0067Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0068Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0069Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0070LOVE this! Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0071the fair Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0073Let’s just take a moment and admire this double halo :)
Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0074And then after a quick outfit change… we hopped on the sky tram! Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0075Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0076Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0077My favorite!!! miami wedding photographerCarnival-Engagement-Photos_0079This picture is the best! Haha! Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0080Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0081Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0082And another favorite! :)carnival theme engagementCarnival-Engagement-Photos_0084Oh my goodness! All the heart eyes. All. of. them.
Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0085Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0086the fair engagementBecause I couldn’t just drag my stool around the entire fair, now could I? Haha! Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0089Carnival-Engagement-Photos_0090

Because when your beautiful friend becomes a #kandvbride, you get this excited!


Isa and Mike, we love you both and we are so excited and honored that you have chosen us to be a part of this amazing journey to the altar! We had the best time during our session and have so many new favorites! We are so excited and we are literally counting down the days until your wedding in November!

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