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Coaching Session | Jules Marie Photography

She showed up at our door with brownies in hand. We had no idea who she was but she told us she lived 2 houses away and found out we were photographers on Instagram. We didn’t even know what to say, but she had brownies, so of course we invited her in. Jules went on to tell us that she had recently started photography and wanted to learn more. She asked if she could pick our brains and we gave her a few tips and advice that same night in our living room. Seeing her eyes light up that first time was so fulfilling and we got to witness that same way this past Saturday.

From that day, we began to develop a friendship with this sweet girl and have grown to truly cherish our relationship with her! She recently had a beautiful baby girl who is seriously one of the cutest babies we’ve ever seen!  She yet again knocked on our door a few weeks ago saying that she had a goal for this year to grow her business and launch Jules Marie Photography. She was fed up with where her business had stalled and wanted to go to the next level. She asked about a coaching session with us and we were thrilled to be able to dive deep into her areas of need! We were honored to have her over to our home this past Saturday for a coaching session to give her hope that she could do this and she will succeed!

Jules, we are honored to have been able to witness the happy dances and your eye lighting up as we spent the day with you. Our hearts are full knowing we could be of some help on your journey through photography. We cherish your friendship and we are here for you! We are cheering you on and rooting for you to succeed, and we definitely know you will :)

I was the designated model for Jules to practice her newly acquired skills :) The excitement when you learn something new! :) miami photography coaching sessionmentoring session miami

If you’re interested in a coaching session with us, please send us an email to info@kristyandvic.com. We’d love to get you on our calendar and help YOUR business grow! :)

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