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Emma’s 11th Month

How is this our last monthly blog post before Emma turns ONE?! How has time flown by so quickly and why does it feel like we had Emma just yesterday? Even though there’s a pandemic, this past month has been filled with celebrations! From Cinco de Mayo, to our first Mother’s Day, and the biggest thing we celebrated was our state opening back up again and us being able to get out of the house! Although this month was a bit hectic with Emma starting to skip her second nap and our entire schedule getting shifted, it was still a month of so many new fun milestones!

We cannot believe our baby is turning one in just a few days and these monthly blog posts are truly our favorite! It’s surreal that this will be one of the last ones we write :( But we’ve loved sharing these moments and memories and keeping them as sort of a “yearbook” of Emma as she’s grown this past year! So without further ado, here are our favorite moments and memories with Emma during her 11th month:

  • Emma probably eats more than most toddlers and LOVES food so much!
  • She’s becoming less and less interested in nursing and I’m really hoping we will make it past the year mark
  • She is a VERY active baby! She loves to crawl all over the house, stand anywhere she can reach, and just get into everything
  • Bike rides are her favorite but she loves the pool so much too!
  • She continues to be OBSESSED with Vic and prefers him over anyone else (even me!)
  • Naps have been a bit of a challenge but that’s only because she’s getting ready to transition to one nap a day
  • We’re still waiting for teeth to come out!
  • Emma is finally wearing clothes closer to her actual age! We’re wearing 9 month clothing but can fit into 6-12 months is some brands too!
  • She loves to watch Baby Einstein but we try to reserve screen time for only dire situation or moments she needs to be entertained so we can cook dinner
  • Emma is showing more and more personality everyday and she makes it known now when she’s upset about something
  • Emma loves books and points to her bookshelf so we can bring down books for her to play with! It’s the sweetest thing and we hope she never loses this love for books


One of our first outings after our state opened back up was a local taco place, of course :)Mother’s Day celebrations when we surprised both our moms by driving to Miami! Pool days are Emma’s fave and we’re grateful to have cousins close by with a pool we can use!She’s very interested in Vic’s guitar and loves to touch it and hear him play That time we tried to do a ponytail on Emma! Emma and Caity’s first Mother’s Day!
We do what we must in order to be able to get work done, including letting Emma play with old business cards and shipping boxes!Our daughter Emma: the eating machine! Yogurt on the left and breakfast of an English muffins, eggs, and strawberries on the right
Emma LOVES books! Especially the pop-up book in this picture She started hugging her stuffed animals all on her own and now does it when we ask her to! We’re pretty sure these two are going to grow up to be best friends! You know we had to take pictures of Emma on Cinco de Mayo! She doesn’t eat tacos yet, but we’re sure she’ll love them! And this picture was a literal miracle because Peanut isn’t too fond of Emma just yet. 

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