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Emma’s 6th Month

Emma turns 7 months old today, so we’re technically not on time sharing her 6 month update, but we’ve come to terms with it already! This month was so much FUN! It was as if her personality suddenly came out and we began really enjoying who she is and all the milestones she’s reached! And can we talk about the fact that we’re halfway to her first birthday!? We celebrated her first Christmas which was honestly the sweetest experience (more for us than her because she had no idea what was going on LOL) We introduced solids just a week shy of her officially turning 6 months and this girl LOVES to eat, just like her parents!

Thankfully, after last months fiasco with the weight gain issues, Emma has continued to grow and thrive! We were told that she’s in the 2 percentile for height and weight but the doctors aren’t worried because she’s meeting and even surpassing all her milestones. After being worried about it for a few days, we decided to let it go! She’s healthy, vibrant, and strong and although she is small, she’s absolutely perfect the way God made her! This has been our favorite phase so far and we feel like she’s just growing so fast and learning so much. It’s unreal the amount of change that has happened from 5 to 6 months! We took WAY too many photos this month because of the holidays and we’re just preparing y’all for the overload of photos you’re about to see (most of them with some sort of Christmas theme!) With time continuing to fly by, these blog posts have been our favorite to put together and share the memories we’ve made with our girl!

Here are our favorite memories and moments with Emma from her 6th month:

  • She continues to sleep through the night since she dropped her night feeding last month! She sleeps usually 12 hours from about 8 pm to 8 am! We’re living our best life with this girl :)
  • Emma started sitting up on her own! Only a few seconds at a time but she’s looking like such a big girl when she sits up!
  • She continues to do an amazing job when we take her to our engagement sessions! She sleeps in the carrier or just looks around and babbles with our couples :)
  • Nursing her has become quite the challenge! She pulls on my hair, puts her foot on my neck, and wants to look around and everything going on around her!
  • She is VERY curious and wants to see everything that’s going on at all times!
  • Her first food was carrots but I didn’t puree it enough so she had a hard time figuring it out! The second time around I got it to the right consistency and she loved it!
  • So far, she’s eaten avocado (her favorite), green beans, sweet potato, banana, carrots, and peas (which she is not a fan of)
  • We’ve tried both purees and baby-led weaning and she seems to take pretty well to both methods of feeding! We honestly think she’s going to end up just like us with her love for all food!
  • Her giggle is EVERYTHING! Although she only does it in small spurts, so we’re waiting for the day she will laugh for more that 2 seconds at a time!
  • She just has the best personality and the way she lights up when she sees one of us just melts our hearts! We really can’t get enough of our sweet girl!

Trying avocado and banana for the first time!

This face on the left is our favorite! She also loves to supervise her daddy as he works! Weather in Florida: one day it’s winter wear and the next is summer attire! We cannot even describe the joy this girls brings to our lives! The photo on the left was at a local Mexican place and they had a tiny little sombrero!
A day in which she was not entertained with anything so we stuck her in a laundry basket full of her clothes! Celebrating our sweet friend on the upcoming arrival of her baby boy and hanging out with her grandpa in Tampa! And hanging out again with her friend Thalia during a pajama party!
Now begins the overload of Christmas themed photos we took on and before Christmas Day! :)Probably one of our favorite photos of our family EVER! And we took it ourselves with a tripod :) With her cousin Caity! First Christmas for both our girls so you know matching Christmas PJ’s were in order! The whole family together for Christmas at our house! Definitely our favorite Christmas tradition :)And these photos of our girl are easily our favorite! (I know we say that every month haha!) 

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