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Emma’s 8th Month

With all this “extra” time on our hands this past week and for some of the foreseeable future, we’re getting to share some more personal and educational posts on our blog (more For Photographers posts coming soon) We’re starting by bringing more joy to all our friends by sharing Emma’s 8th month update today! We’re all going through a hard time right now with social distancing (this extrovert is suffering here) but we know it’s for the best. So with that being said, we’re sharing pictures and memories of our girl in order to remember these moments and hopefully brighten up your day!

Emma officially sits up on her own and started army crawling! She also blows kisses but doesn’t always feel like doing it in front of other people, which makes us look like we’re lying about her skills! She has to be “caged in” or given a barrier because she will crawl all over the place now! We still bring her to our engagement sessions and she’s always so well behaved. Peanut is probably her favorite thing on the planet and she smiles and laughs so much when she sees him (although there are times where he’s still not sure about her). We had an awesome playdate with two friend, Karen and Jessica, who are also wedding photographers in the area and have June babies! This playdate took place BEFORE the virus had us all quarantined in our homes (clarifying before we get potential messages about it LOL) As time has continued to pass us by, we’re seeing our girl grow and change and we love seeing the world through her eyes! Here are some of our favorite moments and memories from Emma’s 8th month:

  • Emma is a happy baby but still takes time to warm up to strangers
  • She experienced grass for the first time and actually loved it!
  • We’re STILL waiting for her first tooth to come through but we enjoy her gummy little smile
  • She has started to say “baba” and we’re pretty sure “dada” will be next in her vocabulary
  • Our living room is now a giant playpen with gates and all her toys and horror action figures inside
  • She was officially moved to her own room and now sleeps through the night in her crib
  • Emma is a bit of a drama queen and, even when she just slightly bumps her head while crawling, she starts to cry!
  • She now has more than just one pair of shoes that fit her, finally!


With her favorite boy Peanut! And her favorite person in the world! During the one cold day we had this year! Her first time on the grass and she loved it! And this fur vest made by our friend Karen is THE CUTEST!Trying lemon and this face is priceless! But what’s not pictured is her continuing to ask for the lemon!Emma girl on an Emma glider! And we were SO tempted to buy this little rocking chair after sitting her in it!Bath time is always our favorite time of the day! And Emma’s too! Her splashing became too much so we had to move her to the bathtub! Her crazy hair is the best! She also has a million toys but decides that she likes Peanut’s toys better! She loves going to see Dr. Brian of Loving Chiropractic! She met her friend Mateo and her curly haired Tia in Orlando last month and loved them! We got the June babies together for a playdate (before this outbreak) and although they didn’t play too much, us mommas enjoyed hanging out! Love this photo Karen got of Emma on the move! This sweet face just lights up our world :) 

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