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For Photographers: Our Client Experience- Part 2

Gosh we miss our couples :( Since we’re being forced to take a break from shooting, we’re taking the time and sharing the other side of our business with today’s post about our photography client experience! Since there is A LOT that goes into what we do to give our clients the best experience possible, we’re dividing it into 2 parts! Today, we are diving into Part 2 (you can see Part 1 here) We took to Instagram and Facebook and asked what YOU wanted to hear from us and what areas of need you as photographers have. We got tons of responses and have so many things we will be sharing over the next few months to answer your questions and help in whatever way we can! While some of the questions were technical, we also had many questions about other behind the scenes things in business like client experience, marketing, the process of booking clients, etc. We dove into most of the technical questions already (although if you have any more PLEASE feel free to ask!) and now we will tackle the other aspects of running a photography business (because it’s SO much more than just taking photos)  You can catch up on previous For Photographer posts here:

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Client Experience: Part 1

Like we said before, we’re going to be sharing a little bit of our client experience with you all today! We won’t get into too many details because then this post will be a mile long (and another reason why we divided it into 2 parts), but we will give you a gist of what we do with our clients to make this experience the best we can! So let’s start from where we left off…

We started Part 1 explaining how we handle communication and interact with our couples leading up to meeting our couples in person. Now, we’re diving in to explain a bit about how we work during their engagement sessions and wedding days! We mentioned that we first meet with our couples via video chat before they book us and before their wedding day we take some time to get to know them even better during their engagement session. Once we arrive to the session, we give them a small rundown of what they are to expect during our time together. We try to put them at ease and make sure they have a good time in front of our cameras! We always tell them that our time together during their session is a great practice round for the wedding day! Because we are a husband and wife team, we’re able to physically show them the poses we want them to do (it’s a great perk for us) and we work hard to make sure they look natural doing it!

After their engagement session, we  post a sneak peek that same evening or the latest, the very next morning and if we have the brides number we send her those sneak peek images as well. The very next week, we edit our favorite images and blog them. We know this may not sound like client experience, but it is! This is getting the images in front of  our clients for them to share and enjoy as quickly as possible. We have this same process and workflow for our weddings and the fact that our couples see the images from their wedding day on our blog about a week later is something that they always get excited about!

We work hard to educate our couples leading up the the wedding by sharing reasons to do a first look, sample timeline of the wedding day, and recommending vendors! On their actual wedding day, we aren’t just photographing their wedding. We’re keeping track of the time, making sure everyone is happy and calm, bustling dresses, fluffing veils, pinning boutonnières, and the list goes on. We are proactive when we need to be and step back to capture moments when necessary. We work hard to make sure our couples have NOTHING to worry about (in the area of photos) on their wedding day! We want to be a help to them and never a burden and we jump in when needed (asking first of course!)

Writing all this out truly makes us miss our couples and shooting weddings! It’s been a really hard season for all our couples and fellow vendors but we’re hoping this post can help other wedding photographers think about their client experience and once we all start shooting weddings again, we can give our clients the best experience ever! We hope this was helpful for you and gives a little more insight on client experience! As always, if you have any questions about any part of this we are happy to share! Simply send us an email or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms and we’d love to help however we can :)

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