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Emma’s 9th Month

A whole lot has happened since updating you all on Emma’s 8th month! Although we’re social distancing and not shooting session or weddings, there’s been a lot going on in our personal lives (hence why we’re posting this 2 weeks after Emma turns 10 months) We’ve had our family living with us for 2.5 weeks due to them needing a place to stay before closing on their new home and now we have our nephews living with us for 2 weeks due to internet issues and them falling behind on schoolwork. So we’ve been kinda busy over here LOL But aside from all that’s going on in our personal lives, Emma has developed a ton of new milestones this last month :)

Emma is crawling faster than ever! She doesn’t crawl on all fours but prefers to army crawl instead (which in turn, dirties all her onesies as she goes around the house) She started pulling herself up to standing and we’ve had to start baby-proofing most things around the house now. She’s still a bit wobbly when standing and hasn’t fully understood that if she lets go, she will fall. Her first word was DADA which is truly just further proof that she’s going to be a Daddy’s girl. She is still eating so well, really loves food, and sleeps so great (although she’s tried to skip naps every once in a while) Everyone told us this age would be so fun and it really has been! Here are some of our favorite moments and memories during Emma’s 9th month:

  • Emma has the most intense stare whenever she meets someone new (especially if it’s a man) but will smile at any kid she sees!
  • We took her to the beach for the first time, before they closed them all, and she liked the sand but HATED the water. It was a little cold and the waves were very strong so we think she got scared.
  • We also got her a kiddie pool for her to “swim” around on warm days here in the backyard. She really loves the water (just not the beach haha)
  • She still doesn’t have any teeth so I guess she’ll be a “late bloomer” in that department!
  • Her little white shoes that she wore for months on her tiny feet don’t fit her anymore. It sounds silly, but this definitely makes me believe that she’s grown!
  • She’s still petite for her age and is now wearing 6-9 month clothing but she’s doing great with her milestones which is the most important
  • In case y’all were wondering, we’re STILL smitten with our baby girl!


This tweety onesie on the left was mine (Kristy) as a baby! My mom kept it and now 30 years later I get to put it on Emma! OBSESSED with this photo of Emma! Meal time shenanigans :)She’s crawling EVERYWHEREAnd standing wherever she can hang on! This photo on the right is just too much! Why play with your own toys, when you can play with Peanut’s?! Emma meeting our friends Jenny and Ivan for the first time! We both happened to be in Miami that weekend and we got to have breakfast together before the lockdown happened! We also got to go to the beach the day before they closed all the beaches in FL! No we did not plan on matching our bathing suits! Playing and then sleeping! She hasn’t fallen asleep in my arms since she was a newborn so I was loving it! And after they closed the beaches, we decided to buy Emma a little pool to play in! We then took her to a real pool at Vic’s cousins house! This was her first time and she wasn’t convinced but she didn’t;t cry so we count that as a win! Since our family was living with us for a few weeks, we had to sneak in some photos of the babies on the day they turned 6 months and 9 months! And yes, we will probably try and match them for the rest of their lives LOL
Also, looking through these, we realize how much we like to dress her in pink and white! 

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