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Emma’s First Month

We may be a little late in writing this post about Emma’s first month because she’s already 7 weeks old, but better late than never, right? It’s surreal to think that the first month of our baby girl’s life has already come and gone! But we’re trying to soak in every moment with her because as we’ve been told MANY times, it goes by so fast! We’re trying to cherish every little thing she does and capture it all as it happens. Thank God for the 256 GB iPhones that we both have (yes, our phones are officially overloaded with videos and photos of Emma)! We recently purchased a memory card to have in our camera just for Emma and we now have a camera permanently sitting on our coffee table in the living room. Although we still aren’t that good at grabbing the camera and usually reach for our phones more than anything, so the majority of the pictures in this post will be iPhone photos!

After what happened to Emma during her birth and the 8 days she had to spend away from us in the NICU, we cherish the time we get with her at home even more. We have learned to cherish the good parts, the hard parts, and everything in between. We try to laugh at our mishaps as first time parents and just roll with the punches. That has probably been key for us to get through this first month with a newborn and not losing our minds! Although, we truly cannot complain about Emma! She’s got her moments and times when she’s a little intense (especially when she’s hungry or overtired) but in all reality, she’s seriously the best baby!

Emma is an AMAZING sleeper! At about 3 weeks old, she gave us our first 6 hour stretch of sleep at night and ever since then she’s been sleeping 12 hours a night with only 1 night waking to feed. As a matter of fact, last night we put her to sleep at 10:15, she woke up at 6:20 to feed and I’m writing this at 10 AM and she’s STILL sleeping! So we’re the rare breed of newborn parents who are actually well rested because our baby practically sleeps through the night! She’s a pretty great at naps too and will nap almost anywhere! Slowly but surely, we’ve figured out our Emma and can say we know her so much better after a month of her being with us.

Here are the things we’ve figured out, the memories we’ve made, and the amazing things she can do:

  • The day we brought her home from the NICU was probably one of the best days of our lives!
  • Emma looks exactly like her daddy and although people say she may change, we really don’t think she will very much
  • She loves to look around and is very alert when she’s awake
  • Emma has been a champ at nursing from the beginning and thankfully breastfeeding has been easy for both of us from the very start
  • She loves to listen to our voices and look at our faces
  • If we rub her head or pat her butt, she’s instantly falling asleep and her favorite place to sleep is definitely on us (we don’t mind the newborn snuggles one bit)
  • Emma met almost all of her family members within her first month of life, although, she probably didn’t realize it because she was asleep for most of the introductions
  • She’s so great when it comes to tummy time and will hold her head straight up to look
  • She doesn’t NOT like bath time! She will scream the entire time she’s in the tub, but seems to be ok when we do a little sponge bath.
  • Emma visited the chiropractor for the first time at only 10 days old and does great every time she visits
  • We took her to church when she was 4 weeks old and slept through the entire service
  • She doesn’t like it when we change her diaper or put clothes on her and will lose her mind almost as soon as we put her down on the changing table
  • Peanut loves to smell Emma’s head and feet and always wants to greet her when she wakes up
  • Her first big blowout happened when we were at the mall. She had the cutest outfit on and as soon as we got there, she pooped all over it and the carseat!
  • She attended her first party the day she turned 4 weeks old but slept through the entire thing

This past month has been a whirlwind and the best time of our lives! She has brought so much joy into our family and we’re so grateful that this little angel baby is ours! Here are some moments from Emma’s first month captured with our camera and mainly with our phones:

8 days old and the day we took her home from the NICUEmma’s first visit to the chiropractor! She loves Dr. Brian at Loving ChiropracticMeeting all her cousins, aunts, and grandparents Tummy time and meeting her great-grandma Our first outing to Target and meeting her friend Thalia Her first birthday party and after these pictures, she literally slept the entire time! 


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