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Emma’s Fourth Month

Well, this has become a new trend for us… posting a blog very late into said month or after she turns another month older! Emma turned 5 months on Friday and now is when we are blogging all about her 4th month. But with November being the busiest month we’ve had all year, can you blame us? Yet, here we are trying to make these monthly blog post a thing because in all reality we love them. We love having the memories of Emma all in one place and being able to look back on photos of her as she grows and changes! Because goodness gracious, how she has changed! Each and every month we are astounded by how much she grows, changes, and discovers new things. We see the world differently and it’s as if everything is new and exciting because we see it through her eyes. (Not sure if that statement made sense, but if you’re a parent, you get it!)

Throughout her fourth month, Emma has continued babbling and cooing almost as if she was having conversations with us. She is so expressive and her face literally says it all! She’s also way more smiley but it seems to be mostly with us and she’s very cautious and observant of strangers. She started reaching for things, including her feet, and it’s the cutest thing in the world! She has joined us in many  sessions and our clients are always impressed by how good she behaves during our shoots! She loves being outside and in the carrier so when you combine those two things, she’s in heaven and is living her best life, hence being amazing during our sessions! We tried yet again to take photos of her with our camera, but failed miserably (haha) and most of the images here are, in fact, taken on our phones! So many things happened during her fourth month and we’re so happy we get to document it here!

Here are our favorite moments and memories during our fourth month with Emma:

  • She found her feet and loves to put them in her mouth!
  • We introduced her to sitting up in a little chair and she loves it but only for about 10-15 minutes at a time
  • She’s still a rockstar sleeper and we couldn’t be happier to actually be well-rested parents
  • Emma is such a happy baby and is almost always content and relaxed!
  • We wore her facing forward in the carrier and she absolutely LOVED it!
  • She met her cousin Caity for the first time and the picture of them two here is our fave!
  • She started reaching for things and the little face she makes while doing so is the cutest
  • We thought she drooled a lot last month, but it has increased ten-fold
  • Her favorite toy right now is a crinkly number book she can put in her mouth
  • Emma’s curly hair is the number one topic of conversation when people see her because really, her hair is pretty amazing!
  • This girl has rocked our world and we are completely smitten by her :)

Her seat and her favorite toy! Bath time has become our favorite time of day! She swapped sucking on her hands for her feet this month  Her first boat ride and recreating a scene from The Hangover
And this “selfie” on the left just kills us! One of our all time favorite pictures of her! Just look at that face! Her four month photo shoot! 


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