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Emma’s Third Month

Everyday with this little girl just keeps getting better and better. As she grows and gets older, she continues to amaze us. Seeing her develop new skills, recognize people, smile, and babble has just brought so much joy to our lives. Before she was born we would always pray for her and we asked the Lord everyday that she be a joyful baby and always bring joy and happiness to those around her. And that’s exactly what she does! We are constantly smiling and laughing when we’re around her and we are so grateful that she’s such an easygoing and happy baby! So much has changed in her third month of life and we’re finally emerging from that newborn stage into her looking and acting more like a baby.

Throughout her third month, Emma smiles more, is constantly babbling (we’re pretty sure she’ll be talking before a year), and is just SO chill. We’ve taken her everywhere and done almost everything with her, including a trip to Ohio to photograph our first big wedding back since she was born. She was an absolute CHAMP throughout that trip and didn’t cry once on the plane, as a matter of fact she slept most of the flight! We were honestly so concerned leading up to this trip because we thought it would completely derail her routine but this girl just kept rolling with the punches. Aside from a little meltdown after an extremely long travel day, she was literally perfect throughout that trip! I’m sure we will be saying this every time we blog, but month three has been our favorite so far!

Here are the memories we’ve made and everything we want to remember about our third month with Emma:

  • Emma met her great-great-aunt for the first time (who happened to turn 95 last week!)
  • She also met her friend Thalia for the second time (but this time she was actually awake LOL) and spent the afternoon with her. If y’all would have only seen what we had to do to get a photo of our babies together!
  • She rolls on her side by herself, but hasn’t quite mastered rolling over completely on her belly. She can do it with a little help though!
  • She found her hands and loves sucking on them!
  • The drool is SO real!
  • She continues to impress us (and others) with her amazing tummy-time skills!
  • Emma is perfectly content laying on the floor in her activity gym and just looking around and playing with her fingers in her mouth.
  • She will look at the camera or phone whenever it’s close to her and even likes looking at herself in the front-facing camera on our phones!
  • Emma joined us during our first engagement session back and slept the entire time in the carrier as I wore her during the session.
  • We introduced her to Sophie the giraffe and she loves her
  • Thankfully she hasn’t really lost much of her hair. And even if she did lose some, she has so much hair we can’t even tell.
  • Emma normally “complains” when she’s tired of something. She doesn’t really cry that much at all, so when she does, we know something is really bothering her.
  • We’re smitten by this little lady and are so in love with who she is!

Meeting Thalia again and that picture on the right is just hilarious! Bath time is finally a joy! It’s become one of our favorite times of the day :)This girl loves tummy time! And that picture with Peanut is just THE BEST! That gummy smile melts our hearts and we will do anything to see it! We love just hanging out on the floor or couch with her! That one time we matched accidentally! Promise it was really by accident! These turbans are our favorite on her!!! Just a few photos during the trip to Ohio. Baby wearing on the way back to Miami and sleeping on the plane in grandma’s arms! 

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