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Greenville Anniversary Session | Ryan & Alyssa

As most of you know from our previous blog posts, last week we were in Greenville, South Carolina. We visited Greenville to meet our dear friends Ryan and Alyssa for the first time. Yes, you read it right! We drove 11 hours to meet a couple we had only previously met through Instagram and emails. Now we know that may sound crazy but we had SO much peace about it and somehow we just knew that they were going to be awesome before we even met them in person. Our time with Ryan and Alyssa was absolutely wonderful, and it was more than that, it was uplifting and encouraging.  We are so glad we met people who understand where we are in our lives and business! Plus we got along with them as if we had known each other our whole lives! They recently celebrated their 3 year wedding anniversary and we were excited to be able to shoot an anniversary session for them! I’ve said it before, but we just love anniversary sessions because there’s something special about mature love. With them being photographers as well it could have been a little intimidating, but I have to say that they were great in front of our camera and it was never awkward or strange! They were naturals and their chemistry with each other was out of this world awesome!

greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0040greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0039greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0041Ryan has such a great sense of humor! He makes us all laugh when we get together! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0042greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0043greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0044Aren’t these flowers just gorgeous?!? greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0045greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0046There’s a hilarious story behind this but for now we will just title it #squatshot haha!
greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0047We actually shot the first half of their pictures in downtown Greenville and the others in an area called Anderson. greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0048Doesn’t Alyssa look so cute in this blue dress!? Blue is her favorite color!greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0049greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0050We have so many favorites! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0051greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0052greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0053Love this one!!! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0054greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0055greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0056Oh my goodness! You guys are so adorable together! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0057greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0058greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0059Loved this spot!! Even though we literally had to stand in the middle of a street to take pictures  greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0069greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0070greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0062greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0063greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0064Alyssa has the most stunning blue eyes! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0065greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0066See what I mean, middle of the street! greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0067greenville-south-carolina-anniversary-session_0068Ryan and Alyssa, words can’t express how much your friendship means to us! We are so grateful that God allowed us to connect with you both! Thank you guys for being so awesome; we love you!!!

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