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Key Biscayne Engagement Photos | Laura + Arturo

The sky was completely dark when we arrived in Key Biscayne. I mean, the doomsday-is-near kind of dark clouds were looming right overhead. But, it wasn’t raining! So we started the session and prayed that the rain would hold (which it did!). But let me tell you with the darkest clouds, there was still a light during our time together because these two were absolutely radiant! The way Laura lights up when Arturo is near, the way the laugh together, their chemistry, it was all perfect.

When we say that the humidity was out of hand on Monday, we are not exaggerating! Laura and Arturo braved the muggy and sticky heat and biting bugs without complaining at all. We kept slapping ourselves (to get rid of the mosquitos and little bugs that were biting us) and despite being uncomfortable, they both were laughing and having a great time! They were such a joy to be around! And guess what after about 45 minutes of cloudiness, the sun came shining out, almost as if it was just for them! Our time with these two was so beautiful and we are so excited to share some of our favorites from their session on Monday!

Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0209Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0210Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0211Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0212key biscayne engagement picturesWe were getting eaten up by the bugs but these two just keep giggling the whole time! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0214Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0215Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0216Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0217Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0218Aren’t they so cute!? Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0219Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0220Then Laura came up with the idea to jump off a fallen branch and anytime our couples want to do something fun, we love it! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0221Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0222This pink necklace was such a perfect backdrop for her beautiful ring! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0223And then the sun came out! Yay! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0224miami wedding photographerKey-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0226LOVE this one so much! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0227Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0228Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0229Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0230This sweet embrace just made our day! These are the moments we live for and love so much! key biscayne engagement sessionKey-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0232Isn’t she so cute?!Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0233Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0234Key-Biscayne-engagement-photosKey-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0236Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0237Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0238Laura, you are so stunning! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0239Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0240Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0241Another favorite! Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0242Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0243Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0244Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0245Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0246Key-Biscayne-engagement-pictures_0247Laura and Arturo, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey down the aisle! We LOVED our time with you both and thank you for being such troopers during our session. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding in September!

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