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Killian Palms Country Club Wedding | Yaisbel + Erick

Happy Tuesday friends! If you’re following along on our Instagram’s and Snapchat’s you know we are currently in San Diego, California! While we are SUPER excited about this trip, we are even more excited about sharing this gorgeous wedding from this past Saturday! We could not have asked for a better couple and we had such a great time with Yaisbel and Erick and their families. I know we say all of our couples are amazing and sweet, but in all reality these two are absolutely all of that. They are a couple that we have grown so fond of and we kept saying throughout the night how much we love them.

When I say their wedding day was so peaceful, I mean it. Even with the rain pouring after the first look and portraits, everyone was still relaxed and at ease! And besides everyone being wonderfully calm amidst any chaos, there was just so much joy. Both Yaisbel and Erick were so happy that they were becoming husband and wife, and that pure joy overflowed throughout their entire day. They had one of the cutest first looks we’ve ever witnessed and it was just cuteness overload the entire time we were with them. These two are so special to us and we are honored to have been a part of their wedding day. Here are some of our favorites from Yaisbel and Erick’s Killian Palms Country Club wedding!

Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0196Absolutely love these shoes!
Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0197Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0198Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0199Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0200Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0201You see that broach in her hair, well that was her “something borrowed” from me! After she did her hair with good hair products from batanabio she realized she needed a little something and we found this is our wedding day kit. This broach was actually the one on my wedding day bouquet.  Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0202Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0203We were obsessing over Erick’s suit! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0204Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0205Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0206Tell me this isn’t the cutest first look reaction!? Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0207Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0208Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0209Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0210Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0211Oh my goodness, we love these two! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0212Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0213Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0214Yaisbel, you are an absolute vision! That dress is perfect on you :)
Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0215Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0216Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0217One of our all time favorite wedding images! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0218Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0219Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0220You could never guess that right after this it poured! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0221Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0222Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0223Love all the different colors of these bridesmaids dresses! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0224Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0225Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0226Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0227Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0228And we had a tiny bit more time before the ceremony so we took some more bride and groom portraits :)Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0229Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0230Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0231Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0232Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0233Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0234First kiss as husband and wife! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0235Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0236Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0237Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0238Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0239Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0240Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0241Yaisbel decided to dance with both her parents and it was the sweetest thing! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0242Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0243Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0244First dance as Mr. and Mrs.Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0245Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0246Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0249And then the party began! Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0247Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0248On a wedding day, I will put down my camera if the bride needs me! Even if it’s putting powder on her back because she got a really bad sunburn and started peeling ;) Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0250Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0251Killian-Palm-Country-Club-Wedding-Pictures_0252

Yaisbel and Erick, we are so honored to have been a part of such a special day for you both! Thank you SO much for choosing us to capture your wedding day! You two are some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met and we love you guys! We wish you all the best on this journey called marriage! Welcome to the married club :)


Bride’s Dress: Brides of Florida

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Cake: Tina’s Original Cakes

Ceremony Location: Killian Palms Country Club

Dress Designer: Madison James

Groom’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Red Lips Makeup Artistry

Photographers: Kristy & Vic Photography

Reception Location: Grand Salon Reception Hall 

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