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Kim + Jesse | Anniversary Session

miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0180Jesse called us and told us he wanted to surprise his wife, Kim, with an anniversary session. Of course, we LOVE surprises so we were thrilled at the idea and couldn’t wait to capture these two! When we met with them in front of a nearby restaurant, we were immediately drawn to their kind smiles and warm demeanor. They came down from Chicago for a week long cruise and the morning before their flight back home, we met with them for an awesome anniversary shoot! They have been married for 9 years and are so in love with each other! There’s something very special about couples that have been together for a long time. They have a mature kind of love that is comfortable and warm. It’s a love that has been through ups and downs and has surpassed it all and we love documenting this sort of love.

miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0181Love you two together! miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0182miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0183miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0184miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0185Love! miami-beach_anniversary_photosmiami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0187miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0188Oh Kim, you’re stunning!
miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0189miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0190Laughing kisses are my favorite :)
miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0191miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0192Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing ever! miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0193miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0194miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0195We loved how Jesse makes Kim laugh! miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0196miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0197miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0198Kim, you have the cutest smile! miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0199miami_wedding_photographer_miamibeach_anniversary_photo_0200

Jesse and Kin, we had a blast with you both and loved our time together! Congratulations on 9 years of love and marriage and cheers to many, many more!

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