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Lighting & Posing Workshop Recap

This past weekend we had the honor and privilege of welcoming six photographers into our home for our Lighting and Posing Workshop! We are always so humbled when other photographers decide to invest in learning from us and we don’t take lightly the fact that they trust us to teach them. We had photographers come from Miami, Broward, West Palm, and locally to take their photography to the next level. We loved seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends as we dove into all things lighting and posing. We started the day with some mingling and snacks (because what workshop would be complete without snacks?!) and then dove right into teaching. Once we shared #allthethings, we went to our local botanical garden to do a live shoot of our sweet friends Dom and Jenna who you may remember from this lifestyle newborn session. Side note: we will be sharing more of our favorites from that shoot soon!

My teacher heart was happy to be back at it since quitting my day job this past summer. There’s nothing that could be greater than combining two things we’re passionate about, photography and teaching. And although Vic never studied teaching, his servants heart and desire to help others makes him the perfect guy to do this with! This experience was so amazing for us and we will definitely be doing more workshops in 2019! We had our friend, Karen from Nassimbeni Photo and Film, take some behind the scenes shots of us while we taught, did some headshots for our attendees, and during the live shoot. We’re so grateful that she took time our of her Sunday to do this for us! So without further ado, here’s a recap of our Lighting and Posing workshop!

We’ll start by showing some goodies we gave our attendees including coupons from our sponsors and snacks :)

We started the workshop expressing our concerns about the teeny tiny pastries we gave themBut then we realized we could eat more because they were so small! **insert evil laugh**Then we started to get more serious about our first half of the workshop on lighting 

But not too serious! 

“This is how you reel in a fish” Oh my gosh! You caught a fish too!?Peanut was not entertained ;) And we had to show the attendees how to be the best kind of light stand! After the first half on lighting, we took a short break and did some head shots for the attendees that wanted it. Vic was working hard while I was just trying to scare everyone! But I also was there for moral support! 

Here are our attendees (minus one) from left to right: Clare, Larry, Krista, Marcia, and Mariah :)

We started the second half of the workshop talking all about posingClearly, we are hilarious!
We often break out into a dance with a room full of people staring at usAnd sometime’s I’ll even do a flamenco solo! Literally one of our favorite pictures of us taken during this workshop! But apparently while we were dancing, something happened to the roof But no one else seemed to notice and they were just taking note of all our shenanigans ;) We had the best time teaching this workshop (if you can’t tell) :)
Once we finished all the teaching, we headed to our local botanical garden for a live shoot!One advantage of being a husband and wife team is being able to show our couples what we’d like them to do ;) This light was so dreamy!!! These attendees mean the world to us and, as we said before, we’re SO humbled and honored they chose to learn from us! And we’re grateful for friends who will drop what they’re doing to model for us! Dom and Jenna, we love you both SO MUCH! And NONE of these pictures would have even been possible without this girl right here! We are blessed by your friendship and we’re so grateful for you, Karen! 

To each of our attendees, we are seriously so grateful that each of you came from near and far to learn from us. We cannot thank you enough for trusting us to teach you and we are so excited to see your business grow and thrive! We’re cheering you on friends :)

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