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Matheson Hammock Engagement Photos | Marice + Jason

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If you live in Miami, you know that August is HOT, and rainy, but mostly really, really, hot! So when Marice and Jason booked us for their wedding and told us they wanted their session in August, we were a little hesitant. Shooting here in August can be tricky, but in all honesty the day could not have been more perfect! First, it didn’t rain! Hallelujah!!! Then we even got a nice cooling breeze, which seriously never happens in August! I think God was looking out for us and these two on Saturday :)

When we first met Marice and Jason via Skype (because they live in Tampa) we instantly connected with them! They love food; we love food. Marice is a 2nd grade teacher; I’m a second grade teacher! I mean really, we could not have planned this better! And when we met them in person on Saturday, we connected even more! There was a ton of giggling, smiling, and we just had a really good time with them! Their fun-loving personalities and joy was absolutely contagious and they truly reminded us of why we love what we do! Here are some of our favorites from their Matheson Hammock engagement session!

Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0024Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0025Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0026matheson hammock parkmatheson hammock engagement picturesTell me Marice isn’t just the cutest?!Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0029Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0030Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0031Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0032This look! All the heart eyes :)Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0033Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0034Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0035matheson hammock engagement photosWe found this little spot in the park that we’ve never used and we are in love! Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0037engagement session at matheson hammockmatheson hammock engagementYou see how joyful they are! We love it!!! Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0040Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0041Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0042Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0043Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0044Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0045Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0046How cute are they?!Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0047Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0048Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0049Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0050matheson hammock engagement picturesMatheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0052LOVE!!! Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0053miami wedding photographersMatheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0055Matheson-hammock-engagement-pictures_0056

Marice and Jason, we are SO glad we met you both and we are thrilled to be shooting your wedding in June! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey down the aisle! We love you both already :)

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