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Miami Beach Engagement | Rochelle + Javier

Rochelle is a doctor and Javier is a lawyer, talk about a power couple! They have been engaged for two years but because of Rochelle’s residency schedule it wasn’t until now that they were able to get married. Rochelle has been living in Tallahassee for the past year, while Javier has been here in Miami, but with the way they are with each other, you would’ve never guessed that they have been apart! We are thankful that we were able to spend some time with them this week capturing their engagement session before their wedding THIS Sunday. We are truly blessed with the sweetest and most wonderful couples and Rochelle and Javier were no exception. They are so genuinely nice and their love for each other radiates when they are together. We are so excited to be able to capture them on their wedding day this weekend and we loved our time together at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach! Here are more from their engagement session!

miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0099Let’s talk about how beautiful this dress is on Rochelle! And of course, it’s teal so I’m obsessed!
miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0100miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0101miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0102Isn’t Flora the cutest? She is a rescue pup and she is the sweetest thing! miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0103miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0104That little face! miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0105This light! So gorgeous!miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0106miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0107miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0108miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0109Favorite!!!
miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0110miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0111Boom! Model status!
miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0112miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0113Another favorite on the right! miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0114miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0115miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0116miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0117Seriously gorgeous ring miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0118miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0119miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0120miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0126We love this little spot in South Pointe! miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0122miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0123No, we didn’t coordinate our outfits! Haha!
miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0124miami_beach_engagement_pictures_south_pointe_park_0125Rochelle and Javier, thank you for trusting us to capture your love! We had such a great time with you both and we can’t wait for your wedding this weekend!

Happy Friday friends!

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