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Miami Beach Proposal | Sarah + Lane

Lane reached out to us via Flytographer (an amazing company we are working with here in Miami) to plan his beautiful proposal to Sarah! He had it all planned out and we thought everything about it was perfect! Lane told Sarah that he was out of town visiting his brother while she was spending the weekend with her grandma on South Beach! So with Lane being “out of town” Sarah had no idea there would be any sort of proposal that day! She got ready for dinner and when grandma “forgot her sweater in the room” she went back upstairs to get it. Little did she know that grandma was in on the entire thing :) When Sarah went upstairs to the room, there was Lane waiting for her with roses an ring to promise forever!

Right before Sarah came up to the room, we arrived to get ready for the big moment. Lane was so nervous but excited at the same time. Even though we had only just met Lane, and hadn’t even met Sarah yet, we were so excited for the step they were about to take! We were so honored to be able to witness such a beautiful and romantic moment! Lane and Sarah, we wish you all the best on your journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs! Enjoy the process and enjoy each other because you guys are so perfect together! :)

Here are some favorites from Sarah and Lane’s Miami Beach Proposal!

miami-beach-proposal_0458Sarah’s reaction was priceless! miami-beach-proposal_0459miami-beach-proposal_0460miami-beach-proposal_0461miami-beach-proposal_0462So much joy! Proposals are so beautiful! miami-beach-proposal_0463miami-beach-proposal_0464miami-beach-proposal_0465miami-beach-proposal_0466Then we took them out for some pictures to celebrate their engagement! miami-beach-proposal_0467miami-beach-proposal_0468I mean look at how cute they are! :)miami-beach-proposal_0469miami-beach-proposal_0470miami-beach-proposal_0471Love this one so much!! miami-beach-proposal_0472


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