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Pajama Game Night

A little over a week ago we got together with some of our cousins for a pajama game night. It started out as just a game night and then it turned into a pajama game night and then it turned it to pajama and breakfast game night :) And I must say, it was an amazing night full of fun and so many laughs. We are missing so many cousins that couldn’t make it for one reason or another, and this is just a quarter Vic’s family. We started out the night making waffles, bacon, biscuits and eggs. I love breakfast for dinner! Then we played different games and laughed until we almost cried. Recently, we have truly realized how important family is and how much we love being with them. Our pajama game night was a huge success!

2015-01-08_0001Selfies are always a must with Raquel 2015-01-08_00022015-01-08_0003These are Raquel’s magical pants. We literally could not stop laughing!
2015-01-08_00042015-01-08_0005I was the designated waffle maker. 2015-01-08_00062015-01-08_0007Love our Raquel. On a side note, I also love this Ninja Turtle onsie :)2015-01-08_0008He makes me so happy :) 2015-01-08_0009We started the game night with a game called headphones, or at least that’s what we named it haha. One person wears headphones with music blaring while the other mouths a sentence. Awesome game! 2015-01-08_00102015-01-08_0011

We really did have lots of laughs!2015-01-08_0012Then we moved on to playing Heads Up, our new favorite game. But don’t ask me what I was acting out here hahaha 2015-01-08_0013Bottom left picture had me crying from laughter! 2015-01-08_0014Then we played a card game called Spoons. High intensity 2015-01-08_0015Some sort of victory dance2015-01-08_00162015-01-08_0017The Spoons winner hahaha 2015-01-08_0018Then we moved on to playing “Just Dance” 2015-01-08_00192015-01-08_0020Needless to say, Vic was into it ;) 2015-01-08_0021

We had such a great time that night and we can’t wait to do it again. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful and fun family! We are definitely making pajama game nights a tradition!

Happy Friday everyone!

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