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Mentoring Session | Meri & Martin

We’ve been photographers for a little over 3 years now and there are so many things we have learned along the way. Things that we wish we would have known when we first started, things we wish we would have done differently, but it’s all been a part of our journey. There are countless mistakes we made (and sometimes continue to make) that have shaped our business and helped us grow and mature. It’s all been a part of our process and we are grateful that God has allowed us to be where we are today. We are grateful for the opportunity to photograph the most amazing couples in Miami and even more grateful that we can do it together.

For those that don’t know, I am a teacher. Yes, a real 2nd grade teacher, and I have been for the last 5 years. Before I graduated high school, I wanted to be a teacher and up until 3 years ago that was the only thing I ever imagined myself doing. My first love is to teach (anything and everything) and I know I will always have a heart to do so.

Enter Meri and Martin. This past #kandvbride and groom, and very dear friends of ours, picked up a camera not too long ago. They bought it, thinking nothing of it, and simply to take pictures of each other, their family, and their cute fur babies. But then they were asked to shoot a wedding! They knew their camera and the basics of shooting, but weren’t sure how to go about tackling an entire wedding (because lets face it friends, weddings are a whole ‘nother animal) Between an impromptu phone call the day of the wedding they were shooting, to a Skype call a few days after it was over, we ran them through a few quick tips and tricks.

Fast forward a few days and we receive a text from Meri asking if we could help some more. Long story short, they drove 4 hours (because, did I mention they live in Orlando!) to come to a mentoring session with us! In all honesty, we had never done a full blown mentoring session and I was nervous, but excited to be combining the two things I love most, teaching and photography. There were a few “aha” moments when I could swear we literally saw light bulbs on top of their heads light up. We are honored that these two would ask us to teach them and we only hope that what they learned from us will help them grow! Here’s a recap of our time together :)

Photography-Coaching-Session_0001We started our time together inside our home talking about all things equipment, editing with a clipping path service, and blogging. You’ll notice an intense focused look on their faces throughout this post haha!

We are also ready to engage with the community and collaborate with other successful business owners to bring out the best in us and create a legacy. That’s what we aim, so you want to start a business? Check it out to learn more!
Photography-Coaching-Session_0002Photography-Coaching-Session_0003Then we moved it outside for more practical and hands-on learning! She was asking me about aperture, not telling me she didn’t like me! Photography-Coaching-Session_0005Photography-Coaching-Session_0006Photography-Coaching-Session_0007And then we were interrupted buy this cute pup! Thank God he was friendly! Photography-Coaching-Session_0008Photography-Coaching-Session_0009Photography-Coaching-Session_0010Photography-Coaching-Session_0011There are those focused faces again! Photography-Coaching-Session_0012Photography-Coaching-Session_0013Photography-Coaching-Session_0014Photography-Coaching-Session_0015Photography-Coaching-Session_0016Not sure what he was telling them about but there they go, extremely focused again haha!
Photography-Coaching-Session_0017Photography-Coaching-Session_0018Photography-Coaching-Session_0019“You have to shoot that way”
Photography-Coaching-Session_0020And then I became the model :)Photography-Coaching-Session_0023Photography-Coaching-Session_0024Photography-Coaching-Session_0025Photography-Coaching-Session_0026This was her “I got it” moment with a little happy dance :) Photography-Coaching-Session_0027Photography-Coaching-Session_0028Photography-Coaching-Session_0029

Meri and Martin, first of all thank you for coming all the way down here to learn from us. We are humbled and honored and we truly hope that this experience was something you could take back and implement in your home town! We love you both and we are here rooting for you!

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