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Black Point Marina Engagement| Stefhany + Juan

We had to reschedule Stefhany and Juan’s engagement session three times due to rain. But let me just say that third time’s the charm with these two! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and a more amazing couple. They are getting married next month and we had their engagement session planned for July and both weekends we planned to do the session it started to rain right before. Luckily last Saturday, we got together with them at Black Point Marina and not one drop fell!

Stefhany and Juan have the most beautiful love story centered around their love for God. We love the chemistry they have together and how they are so comfortable around each other. They were all laughs and giggles during our time together and our cameras were loving it! Although we had to reschedule twice, this session is definitely one of our new favorites! We cannot wait for their wedding next month but for now, here are a few favorites from their recent engagement session.

Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0458Smiley kisses are my favorite! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0459Black-Point-Marina-Miami-Engagement-PhotographyBlack-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0461Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0462Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0463Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0464Stefhany, you’re absolutely stunning! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0465Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0466Both Stefhany and Juan are major soccer fans and played most of their lives. Juan was even being scouted to play professionally!
Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0467Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0468Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0469Love this! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0470Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0471Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0472Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0473Another favorite! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0474Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0475Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0476And when our couples are willing to get in the water, it makes our little photographer hearts happy! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0477Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0478Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0479Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0480Love this sweet and tender moment!
Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0481And then we got to the end of the marina and fell in love! Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0482Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0483Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0484Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0485Black-Point-Marina-Engagement-Pictures_0486Oh goodness, so many favorites!

Stefhany and Juan, we are so honored to have been able to capture your sweet and beautiful love! WE loved our time together and can’t wait for you wedding next month!

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