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The “Why” Behind our Business

Starting off the new year always gets us thinking. Thinking about our goals, contemplating what we want to accomplish this year, reflecting on our lives, and this year, we are pondering the “why” behind our business. After a conversation with our fellow photog friend Courtney, we began delving into why we do what we do. Why do we have this business we love so much? Why do we invest time in capturing countless beautiful memories? And why are we wedding photographers? If you’re curious to explore these questions further, feel free to Schedule a free discovery call.

In our pursuit of authenticity and connection, we’ve also come to realize the importance of every detail, down to the very essence of how we present ourselves. That’s why we are thinking of choosing Metal Business Kards to represent our brand. Just like our photographs, these cards can exude a sense of quality and permanence. They can stand as a testament to our dedication to our craft and our commitment to providing nothing but the best for our clients. With metal business cards in hand, we can not only introduce ourselves but can also convey the values that drive us in our journey as wedding photographers.


Well, it’s pretty simple. We shared our hearts a few months ago about wanting our business to be more than pretty pictures and that still stands to this day. This is the biggest part of our “why”! We want our business to be a platform to impact and touch marriages. Last week I posted a picture of us on Instagram and one of our brides commented and wrote “When I’m married, I wanna be just like you guys” and I got teary-eyed because those are exactly the words we want to hear and exactly what our business is about! We want to constantly be a reflection of what a marriage should be like, and as a matter of fact, we pray for it! We pray that God uses us to reflect Him and His love for us. We want couples to see us and see what it’s like to have a God-centered marriage, because let me tell  you friends, that’s the ONLY way it works! Now, I’m not saying our marriage is perfect (far from it) but we know that we will always work hard to be that example to our amazing couples!

Another “why” is simply because we capture moments and emotions that will last a lifetime. We love the fact that our couples can look back at our pictures of their wedding day and remember exactly how they felt at that very moment. We want for them to be able to look at their images on those hard days (because believe me they will come) and remember the joy and happiness they feel when they are together. Sure, it’s nice to have this business for the money or the people you meet (those are both really nice).  Yes, it’s fun to work for yourself and set your own schedule and be your own boss but we have to say its not our “why”.

Our “why” is multifaceted and may not be the same as other photographers, but we are ok with that because it’s our reason for Kristy & Vic photography!

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