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Tree Tops Engagement Pictures | Celisse + Mike

Celisse and Mike met through mutual friends almost 12 years ago. And I’m sure when they met all those years ago, they never imagined that they’d eventually be getting married. We had so much fun laughing and making jokes throughout their engagement session, and although they were a little nervous at first, they did an amazing job! Mike assured us that he regularly models on the weekends ;) Haha!

But in all truth, we loved their connection and sweet demeanor. We were only able to meet Celisse for our initial consultation, but when we finally met Mike, we knew why she said yes to him. They decided on their session to be at Tree Tops Park, and although the park was packed, they were such troopers about it! We loved our time with them both and we’re super excited to be a part of this special season in their lives! Here are some of our favorites from Celisse and Mike’s Tree Tops engagement session!

tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0546tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0547tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0548These two are so cute together! tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0549tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0550tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0551tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0552tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0553tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0554tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0555Be still my heart! tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0556tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0557tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0558tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0559Love this one!tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0560tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0561tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0562tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0563tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0564tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0565tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0566tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0567This light! tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0568tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0569tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0570tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0571tree-tops-park-engagement-photos_0572

Celisse and Mike, we loved hanging out with you guys and we are so glad you chose us to be a part of this journey! We can’t wait for the big day in February!

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